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Upon being presented the offer by the witches of England to become their new king, Hellboy sets in motion a brand new chapter in his journey. However, his declination of the throne to lead the dead British armies puts the wicked Nimhue in command–in which she deems herself the one and only Goddess of War. The red stone-fisted hero is back in action and prepared to smash his way through the undead armies of the Queen of Blood, but is he ready to face the demon of his past?

The comic ties in very key elements with a casual essence that allows the reader to dwell on them briefly while still absorbing detail. We find out that Hellboy is a descendant of King Arthur himself, from his mother’s side of course, and even goes as far as pulling out Arthur’s sword in the stone. It is no doubt that this sword will come into play in the future issues, in all its golden shiny glory, but for now Hellboy tosses it aside and tells his love, Alice, to dispose of it. Even in facing hordes of the undead, Hellboy relies on his fists…until he finds an axe to his liking.

Hellboy: The Fury is definitely a very promising issue, and it marks the beginning of an intense journey. The buildup to the next issue become empowered with the introduction of the ghostly presence of George Washbrook, an ancestor of Alice’s, that comes alive with the power of what appears to be the Holy Grail. The comic concludes with the fiendish Queen of Blood commanding her army of ghouls to destroy the human race.

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