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Brooklyn, NY- June 10, 2010 – Chicago, Illinois’s TUB RING announce the release of their fifth full-length, SECRET HANDSHAKES, due out August 31 on The End Records. The group recorded the 14-track album at Chicago’s Electrical Audio and at keyboardist Rob Kleiner’s own Studio Edison, with Kleiner doing double duty as producer.
“It’s always a challenge when you enter a studio to get what’s in your head out and on to the record,” said Kleiner. “After intensely studying and practicing the art of recording and mixing for the last 5 years, I finally felt comfortable recording by ourselves.  A whole year in the making – we had virtually unlimited time to do EVERYTHING until it was perfect.  In the end, I feel that this is the first Tub Ring album where each recorded song captures every element we envisioned in our minds and hearts.”

“It was great to work with Rob on vocals,” added vocalist Kevin Gibson. “He’s been hearing me night after night for over a decade now, so who better qualified? It was also nice to take away the pressure and time crunch. I think Secret Handshakes continues the trend of taking things into the unexpected, while still sounding like Tub Ring.”

“Capturing the live energy of Tub Ring, on record, has proven to be an interesting task,” commented bassist Trevor Erb.   “This time, we succeeded in harnessing that energy, and created a rather colorful album in the process.  There’s an overall vibe and sound to this record that I haven’t felt or heard before.  In the span of 14 tracks we’ve created a party.  Every song takes you in a different direction and you’re not going to walk down any beaten paths.  It’s exciting, and it’s got a vibe to it, like no other.”

Tub Ring plans to uphold their ‘hardest working band’ status by taking their renowned live show on the road later this summer with dates to be announced shortly.  Meanwhile, fans can check out the songwriting skills of Rob Kleiner, whose song “What Part of Forever” was just recorded by Cee-Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley) for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack.



  1. Stop This (NOW!)
  2. Bird of a Different Color
  3. Gold Finger
  4. Touching the Enemy
  5. Burn
  6. Cryonic Love Song
  7. Feed the Rapture
  8. Flash
  9. I Shot Your Faggot Horse Bitch
  10. Chronic Hypersomnia
  11. Optimistic
  12. The Day the World Will End
  13. Tip of My Tongue
  14. The Horrible and the Holy

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