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The King of the Seas is back – but his fight for his life isn’t over.

When teenager Arthur Curry discovered that he was a creature of both land and sea – his father a human and his mother Atlantean – he took on the mantle of Aquaman, fighting bravely by the side of the Justice
League and facing off an impressive collection of enemies, including the deadly Black Manta. A mysterious man obsessed with the death of Atlantis and its King. Aquaman was royalty, heroism and intelligence
combined – a monarch, team leader and family man.

But even the greatest heroes fall. And Aquaman, like a number of deceased heroes and villains, rose from the grave as a horrific Black Lantern during the events of BLACKEST NIGHT. But, unlike most, he was one of the few given a second chance at life. A second chance that seems to bear a mysterious price.

Everything appeared perfect. Aquaman was reunited with his wife Mera. Like the others that returned, he was returned to the physical peak of his life. But this resurrection has brought as many question with it
as answers.

Why do his telepathic sea powers summon dead ocean creatures? What secret from his past will rise up to haunt his present? Who is the mysterious new Aqualad? And where will Black Manta strike next?

Aquaman was one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe. Today, the universe desperately needs him again. And you can bet, no matter what may be affecting the King of the Seas, Aquaman will rise up to face
what tries to drag him down. Whoever it may be…

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