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Final Fantasy XIII

Review by Mike Fairservice

First off, let me apologize for not doing this one sooner.  I have not been with Metal Machine long, and I have had other articles that I wanted to get done first.

Giddy anticipation!!!

That is what I would have to call what I was experiencing around the release date of Final Fantasy 13 (ff13).  It had been a long time since I had played a FF game let alone bought one, and I think it was the first FF game for the PS3.

I have been a rabid fan of the FF series since FF1, playing it as a kid on my NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System)  The eight bit, 16 color graphics… wow!.. I was drawn to the game like a moth to a bug zapper.  I had just finished playing the classic Castlevania game for the NES when I picked up FF1, and the change from seeing the battles come to you to a random battle generator was AMAZING.  The no knowing when you were gonna get spanked… I loved it.

So when I saw the first screen shots of FF13 I was amazed at the quality and how realistically detailed the graphics were… you could SEE the cracks in the characters lips and the blemishes in their skin.  So, on release day I eagerly ran down to EB Games and handed over my SEVENTY+ dollars for the game.

Unfortunately I have to say that I have never been more disappointed or let down by a game in a very long time, probably since the time my son talked me into buying a RuneScape membership. (j/k)

The random battles that many of the FF fans have grown to love have all been REMOVED from the game.  They have been replaced by mobs pacing around the screen like they have to use the bathroom and can’t find a porta potty.  This allows you to just run AROUND the mobs and avoid them totally if you just want to get to the next story bit.  I wouldn’t recommend this, the bosses are a HUGE pain in the butt and you need the experience/ levels to beat them, that and a brilliant tactician or a computer with YouTube readily available to beat them.

Another big letdown, NO TOWNS,  NO STORES, NO ARMOR and a very limited assortment of weapons available.  I like to see armor classes go up and also see the armor I am wearing.

The game is also very linear; you can only follow the line that the story allows, so that leaves you about six feet on either side of your character to wander around.  The older FF versions also had a linear story feel, no side quests kind of thing, but you could wander the “wilderness” to just grind a few levels you had that option.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is an AMAZING “game”… well I guess I would classify this more as an animated MOVIE that lets you interact with it from time to time.

So if you are looking for a “no brainer” game with no real chance of doing anything or going anywhere but what the designers have intended you to do in the order they want you to, with INSANELY had to kill bosses.  This is the game for you.

But for my money, I would rather have a game that may skimp a little on the visuals/ movie quality, and spend more time on the playability, and the choice factor of the game.  A rich world full of new areas you can explore and discover.

So, in my opinion, I would probably not even rent this “game” again to complete it.  I’ll YouTube the end and probably enjoy myself more for the reduction in frustration the game would cause me.   Also, I think I will be fairly reluctant to go buy the next FF game, I’ll spend 10$ renting it first.

Next game review GOD OF WAR III… OMG!!!!

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