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After months of strategy development, covert intelligence gathering, and nonstop live fire drills, Germany’s LIFELESS has readied its troops and will launch a worldwide invasion on June 8th with Beyond the Threshold of Death through Ibex Moon Records. Proudly flying the flag of traditional death metal, LIFELESS has emptied its arsenal on an album that reminds of both the early Stockholm and Tampa death metal scenes. Though the song-first approach ensures an impacting listening experience, it is the riff firefights, guitar solo bombing runs, the crunching marches into battle, the speedy gallops across scorched earth, and the overwhelming force of this war machine that will leave one shell shocked and horrorstruck.  War may be hell, but LIFELESS is certain death. Put on a helmet and flak jacket, push play, and take the full force of the shrapnel blast that is Beyond the Threshold of Death.

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The history of LIFELESS began in fall 2004 when former NON DIVINE members Marc Niederhagemann (vocals/guitar) and Andy Bleichert (guitar) were driven by passion to found a new band to perform the sound that has always been their favorite: traditional death metal! Unfortunately, they were forced to give up this idea for a while due to private problems. During 2005 those problems began to vanish, so the idea to found an old school death metal band was rekindled. When Jan Fleckhaus (bass) joined the band in spring 2006, LIFELESS finally was born. Fortunately, it took little time to find someone for the vacant position on drums. Daniel Lerose (also playing in SUFFOCATED ART) joined and completed the band.
In winter 2008 Jan decided to leave the band due to job-related reasons. His duties on bass were taken over by Daniel Wien. LIFELESS is one of Germanys most traditional death metal acts, as demonstrated by their first album Beyond the Threshold of Death, which was produced and recorded by the band members themselves. The mastering was done by Vesa Kenttäkumpu from Swedish death metal legends EVOCATION. In fall 2009 LIFELESS signed with IBEX MOON RECORDS and will release Beyond the Threshold of Death on June 8.




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