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Springtime receives a dark lining as the long-awaited tome The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence and Darkness oozes its way into neighborhood and online shops worldwide on March 8, 2010!

The Gospel of Filth is the boldest, most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the realms of darkness and devilry ever published. Satanic priest Gavin Baddeley and Cradle of Filth front man Dani Filth take readers on a secret journey. From ancient formulae for conjuring the goddesses of hell,

to the latest research on the psychopathology of serial murder, no tombstone remains unturned in this wide-ranging and witty dissection of the uncanny and unholy, of the esoteric and erotic.

Music forms The Gospel’s entry point, but every medium, from movies and literature, to comics and computer games is considered, while authorities consulted range from Oxford academics to metal musicians as well known for their criminal records as musical ones.

“The most realized band in the Black Metal realm… Cradle of Filth always create with an intelligence and self-awareness that reveals a great art.” – Rolling Stone magazine

Experts consulted include ex-FBI Agent Robert Ressler (who first coined the term ‘serial killer’), psychoactive drug expert Richard Rudgley and Satanic High Priest Peter Gilmore, via legendary horror film director Dario Argento, War of the Worlds composer Jeff Wayne, Lovecraftian artist John

Coulthart, and ghost photographer Simon Marsden.

The Gospel of Filth is also littered with exclusive interviews with member of metal bands including Slayer, Gorgoroth, Metallica, HIM, Deicide, Emperor, Akercocke, Paradise Lost, Meads of Asphodel, Type O Negative, Behemoth, Black Sabbath and more.

Subjects studied include:

Esoteric England * The Black Arts * The Femme Fatale * Dark Fairy Tales * Gothic Romanticism * The Mythology of Murder * Demonic Doctrines * Horror Film and Fiction * Deviance and Desire * Serial Killers * Oblivion

Says Dani Filth on the his excitement about the worldwide release: “We were so delighted at the response to the extremely limited leather-bound ‘bible’ edition, especially as it was a very expensive book to produce. So much so that the publisher- Fab Press -decided to bridge the gap between this sold-out super elite version of the ‘Gospel’ and the bookstore trade paperback by releasing a hardback version, only available via the site and retaining all the latter’s trimmings. This has served very well to satiate the people who missed out on the strictly-limited edition and who are way too eager to read the book before it hits stores in April.

“I am very excited at the prospect of this book reaching a greater audience on its official release and I think it will surprise and bewitch a lot of people who wouldn’t usually buy an occult/music tome. I can’t wait! Reading this book is a much better way to spend Easter!”

The Gospel of Filth is distributed in America through SCB Distributors in cooperation with Fab Press and is available in other territories via Fab Press and Turnaround Publisher Services, Ltd.

The limited edition hardcover version is exclusively available at www.fabpress.com and at www.thegospeloffilth.com and features a black-comedy-infused bonus chapter by Dani Filth.


Gavin Baddeley’s previous best-sellers include: Lucifer Rising: A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock ‘n’ Roll; Goth Chic: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Dark Culture; and Dissecting Marilyn Manson. Dani Filth’s status as a pin-up among the Gothic fraternity and a talent for a provocative sound-bite have combined made him one of the most outspoken and controversial figures in the 21st century rock world.

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