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Ibex Moon Recording artists Hod are proud to announce that they will be part of a mini tour of Texas with Gravehill starting at the end of the month! The band has issued the following statement on the Lone Star State assault:

“San Antonio, Houston and Austin prepare for a crushing metal onslaught. Coming from California will be death metal lunatics Gravehill. This will be their first Texas shows ever, so everyone needs to come out and represent Texas Metal Pride. Also on the tour will be new Deathgasm Records recording artists Blaspherian! Anyone who has seen this band live knows what a totally heavy death metal performance they will bring. Death Metal done the old true way! And from San Mucas, I mean San Marcus, Texas will be Disfigured on the tour as well. You can always expect a solid grinding death metal assault from these guys. We look forward to sharing the stage with these bands! We look forward to drinking all your beer. We look forward to raising some Hell!”

Hod’s Serpent was released last year on Ibex Moon Records, an album that Zero Tolerance called a “venomous explosion of black, death, and thrash metal fury” and Terrorizer called “non-commercialised, uncompromising and slightly unhinged death metal.” www.myspace.com/hodtheband.

Recent Ibex Moon signees Gravehill are scheduled to release the special diehard vinyl version of Rites of the Pentagram within the next month. Following it in the spring will be a CD re-release of the album, which will contain the five-track Metal of Death/Advocation of Murder & Suicide EP, complete with new packaging. Finally, the summer will see the release of new full-length album Pravus Tyrannis. www.myspace.com/gravehill666.

Stay tuned to www.ibexmoonrecords.com.

Hod 2010 Show Dates

Feb 26 The Ten Eleven w/ Gravehill, Blaspherian, & Disfigured San Antonio, TX

Feb 27 Walter’s w/ Gravehill, Blaspherian, & Disfigured Houston, TX

Feb 28 Emo’s w/ Gravehill, Blaspherian, & Disfigured Austin, TX

Mar 13 The Nat Ballroom – West Texas Death Fest Amarillo, TX

Mar 16 Club Encore w/ Book of Black Earth Austin, TX

Mar 18 Pedicab Bar w/ Withered, Javelina, & Howl San Antonio, TX

May 21 The Ten Eleven w/ The Gates of Slumber & Bastardwolf San Antonio, TX

June 6 Emo’s w/ Obituary & Pack of Wolves Austin, TX

June 19 TBA Hattiesburg or Jackson, MS

July 9 TBA w/ Immolith & Maax Austin, TX

July 10 TBA w/ Immolith & Maax Dallas or Houston?

Gravehill 2010 Show Dates

Feb 26 The Ten Eleven w/ Hod San Antonio, TX

Feb 27 Walter’s w/ Hod Houston, TX

Feb 28 Emo’s w/ Hod Austin, TX

Apr 10 The Blvd w/ Spun in Darkness Los Angeles, CA

Jul 17 Blondie’s – Michigan Death Fest Detroit, MI

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