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By The Scarlet Avenger
Awesome is what I have to say about the latest animated DVD “Planet Hulk” from Marvel and Lionsgate Entertainment. Taken from the pages of The Incredible Hulk comic book, Planet Hulk is a very different take on the green goliaths story over Dr. Banners struggle with the green Id. The story begins with the Hulk on a rocketship heading to a planet system designated for him by Iron Man and the rest of the Illuminati (Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards, The Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange and Proffesor Xavier)
They have decided the earth would be better off with Hulk off world, as the Hulk has become a problem that the heroes of the Marvel Universe have decided has become to chatic to control. The ship takes a drastic turn as the Hulk tries to escape and lands on the Planet Sakaar, a barren battle world ruled by the Red King.
The hulk is taken into slavery and enslaved as a gladiator to fight for the amusement of Sakaarians (I think that’s what they would be called). This is where the story really begins. Without giving anything away, I will say that the animators took great care in actually bringing the vast array of characters to life. From the warrior characters that will eventually become the Warbound and loyal to the Hulk, to the extras in Marvel characters seen through out the movie. And extras are abundant. You get some really cool Easter Eggs through out the film. One particular sequence which includes a certain “God Of Thunder” is particularly good, but like I said earlier, I don’t want to give anything away.

Voice actor Rick Wasserman as The Hulk is great at the part, showcasing his savage and more passive intellectual side. The rest of the cast is also up to snuff with actors Kevin Michael Richardson really standing out as Korg, one of the Warbound. The DVD comes in three different formats, regular, dual disk and Blu Ray. Tons of extras included… Wolverine and the X- Men “Wolverine vs. Hulk” episode, a Spider Woman “Agent of S.W.O.R.D.” Motion Comic, Astonishing X-Men “Gifted” Motion comic, “Watch Your Step” Spider Woman and “Rise Up” Astonishing X-Men music videos It also includes A Whole World of Hulk, the making of Planet Hulk ,the usual commentaries and you get a sneak peek at Marvels next animated adventure “Thor Tales Of Asgard”
All in all, I think Marvel and Lionsgate did a great job, I give this one a big green A!!!

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