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By The Scarlet Avenger

So, just got through watching the much anticipated Smallville 2 hour event “Absolute Justice”. Let me start off by saying that I have been watching Smallville since the beginning and cheer it for actually integrating DC characters and storylines with the young 90210 -esk style of episodes the CW needs to do to attract “that” demographic. Now, with that said, I was a bit disappointed with the story and the lack of diversity in the character picks for the episode. First off, the Justice Society of America portrayed as a rogue team of masked men from years past set up as criminals didn’t flow with me. Easily comic book scribe Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Green Lantern) could have stuck closer to canon and made the team a more closer version that helped the U.S. government in the time of need.

Maybe not World War II per say, but other events that concerned the country. We wouldn’t have to worry about an age discrepancy as the characters used in the episode are all age indifferent. (More on them later) The main story arc revolving around a single villain killing JSAers also was a bit week, as to me the character Icicle was not a believable character capable of murdering those JSAers that he did. Vandal Savage or Psycho Pirate would have been better choices. I’ll hold any comments on the introduction of the government organization Checkmate at this time, as I think it‘s a bit to early to judge its introduction and not enough was really spelled out. Although the thought of The Suicide Squad being introduced in the future sounds intriguing. Pam Greer as Amanda Waller was also spot on. Great actress for a beefy roll. (No pun intended).

Now for characters, Dr.Fate, Hawkman and Stargirl. Not really a problem with those choices. Although Hawkman speaking in his Christian Bale Batman voice was pretty funny. Dr. Fate was the most interesting of the lot. The costume was great and the character portrayal was just about accurate. At first I had a bit of a problem with him being killed in the episode, but then I thought, that character has evolved several times in comics, so I can let that one go. My problem, if that’s what you want to call it, is that one other character could have been introduced to mix it up a bit. I was rooting for the modern day Mr. Terrific. It would have worked on two levels. Introduction to the newer JSA as they did with Stargirl and having hero of color. Yet again, a writer loses the chance to introduce a more diverse color pallet to TV. Being that the group already lacks any high profile members of color for the exception of Mr. Terrific, this would have been a great chance for the show and DC to bring to  life Mr.Terrific.                                                                                       Hey, I’m African American
                                                                                                                      Can I be On TV too?

Also, would have worked into the budget of the show as Terrific has no visual super powers. I could see his interaction with Chloe now, as they jabber on computer lingo through out the show. And with the introduction of Checkmate, it would have been perfect. I just don’t get it with some of these writers; they can’t seem to get past the color barrier when they come up with their story lines. Barring anyone on the show or at DC telling Johns he couldn’t use the character; I think he dropped the ball on that one. Hey,                      
comic book world, people of color read comics and watch TV as well!!! A little representation from time               
to time would be cool. (I’m sure I’ll get the “well Martian Manhunter is an African American/
Martian on the show). Don’t get me started on Hispanic characters! All in all, I give Johns an A for trying,
B minus for characters and a C for storyline. Awesome writing on Blackest Night, not so much for Smallville.

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