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By The Scarlet Avenger

So, while I was watching the pilot episode of the critically acclaimed show Southland, and I thought to myself, what the hell was NBC thinking, canceling this show right before the beginning of its second season? (One thing I will say, is the show has a high level of violence attached to it). Either way, that would be no excuse for this show to go the way of the scrap heap. Thank goodness it was picked up by TNT. The first season of the show is being rebroadcast with the unseen second season airing as well.

The show documents the violent and gritty “day in the life” of the hard working officers of the LAPD. It circles several cops on the beat and detectives working grizzly cases in Los Angeles, also showcasing their personal lives. Front and center is Officer Ben Sherman (Benjamin McKenzie) a new recruit being taken on his first outing as one of LAPD’s finest. His partner, the grizzled officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) hammers at Ben all day, sort of a hazing ritual. Representing the detectives are Det. Lydia Adams (Regina King) a seasoned veteran of the force who, unlike many of the characters on the show, has a compassionate and human understanding about working the mean streets of LA. In this episode, Detective Adams is assigned a missing girl case which winds up just like you think it might, or not.(don’t want to give to much away) . Rounding out the cast of familiar faces is Tom Everett Scott as Detective Russell Clarke, who is currently having personal strife with his wife and family.
The show is not for the kiddies, as it deals with some serious subjects and violent scenes, and rightly so, being this show is about the LAPD. For those who liked the Shield, I think they will find Southland somewhat of a continuation of that kind of action and dramatic story telling. Do yourself a favor, if you like strong characterization, solid acting and real life scenario cop dramas, give Southland a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

Southland – Mondays 10:00 PM on TNT

Kevin Alejandro – Detective Nate Moretta
Arija Bareikis – Officer Chickie Brown
Michael Cudlitz – Officer John Cooper
Shawn Hatosy – Detective Sammy Bryant
Regina King – Detective Lydia Adams
Michael McGrady – Detective Daniel “Sal” Salinger
Benjamin McKenzie – Officer Ben Sherman
Tom Everett Scott – Detective Russell Clarke
Emily Bergl – Tammi Bryant (recurring guest star)
C. Thomas Howell – Officer Billy Dewey (recurring guest star)

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