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Jeff B. Becerra of the legendary POSSESSED has given his stamp of approval to Brazil’s HEADHUNTER DC whose new album God’s Spreading Cancer will be released through Ibex Moon Records on January 19, 2010. Becerra had this to say about the long-running act.

“Headhunter DC is an amazing band playing amazing music. Their style is both old school and avant-garde at the same time. Headhunter DC has amazing stage presence and energy and this shows in the reaction of the crowd who seem to feed off the band as the band feeds on them. With this latest album Headhunter DC brought in a new era of amazing music and once again put Brazil on the map for being what seems to be a spawning ground of Metal which borderlines on perfection. I will always and forever be a Headhunter DC fan and am extremely lucky to be also a brother and friend to them. Hails to the mighty Headhunter DC! They will live forever!”

Headhunter DC is Brazil’s foremost authority on blending sickening thrash and ungodly blackness with a distinctly Latin American style of soul scarring death metal. Easily the band’s greatest recorded achievement on virtually every level (songwriting, production, ferocity, etc) God’s Spreading Cancer is the soundtrack to mankind’s eternal descent into Hell. Includes bonus Necrovore cover and three bonus live tracks exclusive to the Ibex Moon Records version of the death metal masterpiece.

Pre-order now! U.S. Release date is: 1/19/2010. Order now and your order will be sent January 1, 2010. The first 100 orders get an embroidered patch, a vinyl sticker, and button.

Check your inboxes for digital promotional copies of HEADHUNTER DC’s God’s Spreading Cancer and get those proverbial review pens blazing. Please get in touch for interview requests as well.


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