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Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that retailers now have the opportunity to order “The Boys” Issue #39, the beginning of the newest adventure of comic veteran Garth Ennis’ critically acclaimed series.

After the immensely popular Origin stories giving readers new insight into fan favorite characters Mother’s Milk, The Frenchman and The Female, “The Boys” is shifting into high gear for this special prologue (issue #39, “What I Know”) into the newest story arc (issues 40-42, “The Innocents”) While we don’t know yet exactly what Hughie, The Butcher and Annie January know, we do know that the newest arc for “The Boys” brings brand new incentives for our retailers!

Garth Ennis: “Issue 39 begins with everybody happy. Hughie and Annie are blissfully in love, MM’s enjoying some R&R, Frenchie’s even making some progress with the Female’s more extreme psychotic tendencies, and Butcher’s doing what he likes most: digging up all kinds of awful dirt on people. Twenty-two pages later it’s all starting to unravel, and what everyone thought they knew is overturned in the worst possible way.

Things are going to get very bad for The Boys, and it all starts here, in WHAT I KNOW.

I’m really enjoying working with John McCrea on the book; he’s doing some of the finest artwork of his career right now, and he’s nailed the characters- particularly Hughie and Butcher- in a way that I find very gratifying. Those two are a lot trickier to get right than they look.”

For every 15 copies of “The Boys” #39 ordered, retailers will receive a LIMITED EDITION DARICK ROBERTSON “VIRGIN” VARIANT COVER (MSRP $39.99) at NO EXTRA COST!

For every 25 copies of “The Boys” #39 ordered, retailers will receive the Darick Robertson “Virgin” variant SIGNED BY SERIES CO-CREATOR AND WRITER GARTH ENNIS (MSRP $69.99) at NO EXTRA COST!

With the start of a new story arc, it’s the perfect time for new readers to jump on to Garth Ennis’ masterpiece superhero satire! And if that wasn’t enough, check out the praise from the critics for the Origins arc of “The Boys”:

“Writer Garth Ennis will take an absolutely absurd, bizarre premise that sounds like it is totally played for laughs but then commit to that premise so much that you begin see the humanity BEHIND the ridiculous premise.” – Brian Cronin, ComicBookResources.com

“What’s most amazing about this story is how the telling of it draws us in, makes us see that this life may have had it’s oddnesses, but it wasn’t really all that much more unusual than any of our own.” – Matthew Peterson, MajorSpoilers.com

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