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Good news for the fans of Final Conflict! This progressive rock band from Midlands, UK is currently in the studio working on two new releases. The first one is their long awaited 6th full length studio album “The Return of the Artizan”. The second one is a re-release of the very successful album “Stand Up”. We are proud to announce that “Stand Up” re-issue will be released by Metal Mind Productions in early 2010.

“Stand Up” is the band’s third album which includes such classic FC’s tracks like “Stand Up”, “Miss D Meanour” or “Stop”. Originally released in 1997 by German Angular Records the album got sold out in 2003. Ever since then, the band wanted to re-release this title.

Andy Lawton (vocal, guitar) says: “A re-release of ‘Stand Up’ has always been a desire. However, the record company owned the recording rights to the album for a period of 5 years so our hands were tied. Also the original artwork and master recording had gone missing from the record company so we were forced to shelve any re-release plans until further notice. Album releases followed, and ‘Hindsight’ and ‘Simple’ were very successful in their own right. Throughout this period, a burning desire to re-release ‘Stand Up’ was never far away and we always harboured hope that somewhere along the line it would happen. 2008 saw Final Conflict play a hugely successful live concert in Poland with the subsequent release of a live DVD and CD – “Another Moment in Time” – helping to further enhance our reputation as a live band playing accessible progressive rock music. In 2009, Metal Mind Productions asked for permission to re-release ‘Stand Up’ on their own label. Final Conflict agreed to remaster the original soundtrack.”
As part of the deal it was agreed that bonus tracks be added to the album in order to help the first recording maintain its originality whilst offering new tracks.

Brian Donkin (vocal, guitar) explains: “With the re-release of the album it was decided by the band that three bonus tracks should be added. Firstly, we would re-record “A Moment in Time”. The inspiration behind this idea was the energy behind the new rhythm section of Henry Rogers (drums) and Barry Elwood (bass), which allowed the band to give this song more depth, feeling and power. So like true musicians we locked ourselves away in the studio and got down to some serious work and before we knew it we had completely changed the feel and mood of the song yet still keeping with the original arrangement (almost). Listening to the finished project, we are all very happy with the outcome and hope that you will be too. The next decision was to write a brand new Acoustic track. So, as before, the doors were locked in the Studio and we sat down (as you do when you get older) to start the task of writing lyrics. After many discussions on different topics, we got onto the subject of gambling and the many aspects that this conjured up, we then set about writing the lyrics based upon the many dilemmas that gambling can bring, thus naming the track “Losing it all”. This then inspired us to base the acoustics around a more dark and haunting rhythm, though in true FC spirit, we still kept the FC trademark sounds. The re-release of “Stand Up” promises to be a brilliant new album and we are just so excited to get it out there!!”
With all of the bonus tracks written and recorded now, the work on the re-release of Final Conflict’s “Stand Up” album is gradually drawing to an end. Henry Rogers (drums): “We are moving along quickly at the moment, getting really stuck into the work that we have at hand, we are so excited to finish and hear the results of our work!”

The remastered edition of “Stand Up”, enriched in 3 bonus tracks, will be released by Metal Mind Productions in early 2010. Full details to be announced soon.

Final Conflict’s most recent release “Another Moment In Time – Live in Poland” is still available in 3 formats: DVD, limited DVD+CD edition and a limited CD digipak. For full details go here: http://www.metalmind.com.pl/index.php?dzial=wydawnictwa&more=1669

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