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This August I took a trip, a very long one. I traveled from Westchester County to Sheapshead Bay in Brooklyn during the rain. Why did I do this? The opportunity to visit an alien world was too much to pass up.

The world I’m speaking of is Pandora, the setting for James Cameron’s epic 3D motion picture, “Avatar” and what a journey it was. “Avatar” is the story of a paraplegic soldier who is caught in the middle between humans and the Pandoran natives, the Na’vi. James Cameron has created a living, breathing world with native cultures, species, plant life, and languages and in a couple of weeks will be transmitting it to us in state-of the-art 3D.

There are no words to accurately do the 3D justice, but I’ll do my best. The 3D is the most immersive 3D ever created and it accomplishes this by focusing on the little things. When the wind blows leaves they are so close they tickle you. When a character hides behind a tree or is traveling through the woods, the trees are layered on top of the characters, creating a sense of depth that I’ve never experienced in a 3D movie. It is these little touches immersing you in a world both spellbinding and frightening. Frightening, because the creatures native to this world blend in so well it feels like you’re going on safari. Such creatures include an elephant/hammerhead shark hybrid and a winged creature that the characters ride like a steed. And then there’s the Na’vi with their long tails and sparkling blue skin. All are a testament to the imagination of James Cameron, who is probably as we speak still tweaking the film.

The preview did not give you much in terms of story, but enough to know the protagonists and the plot they hang on. But, in the end it didn’t matter. The 3D on its own will sell this movie, while the world and story will bring you back again. If you hate this movie, you are a pretentious bore with no sense of wonder. There’s nothing else to say, the trip was worth it.

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