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On November 24th Ibex Moon Records will unleash a quadruple shot of brutality with new releases from ACHERON, AVULSED, FATALIST and WITCHMASTER. Visit the webstore at www.ibexmoonrecords.com for details on these and other Ibex Moon Records releases.


Over 20 years in existence and the fires are still burning bright! Sinister Black/Death Metal band ACHERON is still creating dark music for the Apocalypse. Lyrically, these diabolic beasts spew forth unholy gospels of hate, occultic dealings, disdain for white-light religions and the rejoicing of sin and lust! This underground war machine has grown into a stronger and much more powerful musical entity as years have passed. Presently, members include band founder Vincent Crowley (Vocals and Bass), Kyle Severn (Drums) and Maximus Otworth (Lead and Rhythm Guitar). In March 2009, ACHERON added Art Taylor (ex-WEHRWOLFE) as a 2nd Guitarist. After almost six years since the release of their last full-length album, ACHERON has unleashed a new studio assault called The Final Conflict: Last Days of God! It was released on April 30th, 2009 (Walpurgisnacht) on Displeased Records in Europe and will be released on November 24th through Ibex Moon Records in the US.

“This new album sees Acheron at its most vicious and primal.” – Masterful Magazine

“A fine piece of brutality for every collection.” – Metal-Temple

“This is the most vital Acheron have sounded for years.” – Metal Crypt

“From minute one you’re being treated not only with brutal aural assault, but with some very refined and fantastic melodies as well. Black and thrash in an undeniable death metal cloak.” – Lords of Metal



AVULSED has without any doubt been the most veteran and consistent band in the Spanish extreme metal scene since its inception in August 1991. A band loyal to its death metal style, AVULSED has been very active in terms of releases and live performances around the world. AVUSLED is now pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated fifth full-length album, Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation), on Ibex Moon Records in the United States. The album is unquestionably the band’s most aggressive and catchiest collection of death metal songs to date.

“Extreme metal is all about pushing the boundaries of sonics and of good taste, and Avulsed certainly succeed in both categories.” – All Music Guide

“Nullo… is a solid slab of gore laced death metal with well-written songs, good production, and good musicianship.” – Metal Flows in my Veins




Champions of the old school Swedish death metal style (Stockholm, not Gothenburg), Ventura, California’s FATALIST pay tribute to the likes of Nihilist, Grave, Entombed, and Dismember on debut full-length The Depths of Inhumanity. The follow up to 2007’s impressive (and now sold out) Loss demo will be released on November 24, 2009 on Ibex Moon Records. While the influences are obvious, the band injects its own personality into these 11 songs, while staying true to the bruising ‘n buzzing sounds of early 90s Stockholm.

“Swedish death metal like the masters” – Terrorizer

“The thick guitars, huge bass, and a mix of tempos ranging from a heavy hitting mid-paced crunch to all out blasts are all present on The Depths of Inhumanity, all sounding as if the album appeared from the early 90s.” – Metal Flows in my Veins

“If Fatalist aren’t wielding the classic Swedish ‘Boss pedal everything turned up all the way’ tone, they’re using something damn close. …a full frequency assault.” – Decibel



Hell, thy name is WITCHMASTER! The reigning kings of Satanic Metal Slaughter have returned with Trucizna, the band’s first full-length since 2004’s self-titled blackened thrashterpeice. Taking their signature old-school blackened thrash n’ roll to the next level, Trucizna is a veritable buzzsaw that rips the newbie ‘retro-thrashers’ to shreds! Featuring members of INCANTATION, VADER, DEVILYN, SUPREME LORD and HELL-BORN.

“A definite one for fans of all genres, black, death, thrash and normal heavy metal, but especially Nifelheim, Destroyer 666, Old (Ger), Nocturnal (Ger) and blackened thrash fans in general. Get out your bullet belt and leathers; this album is one of the better releases for this genre thus far in 2009.” Metal Team UK

“This album is worth hunting down.” – About.com

“Trücizna is a truly lethal album. The music on Trücizna offers neck-wrecking potential.” – Blistering.com



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