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Detroit, MI death metallers, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH are getting ready to record their EARACHE debut in December by tightening up their sound on tour. Their current trek has been a long and winding one, however after 2 top billing bands suddenly left the tour within days of each other. As AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH guitarist, Kyle McIlmurray recounts, “One band left because they were offered another tour that they couldn’t refuse and we all understood that. We wish them well. The other guys though? Well let’s just say that we have no remorse for these bands who come out and whine while they’re riding in a new van with a new trailer and make $300 a night. Right now we’re a few thousand miles away from home, trying to make it on $100 a night or less.”

With a lineup now down to just them and 2 other bands, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH took on a leadership role by banding everyone together and keeping morale high. “We’re playing the big brother part on this tour” says the Detroit guitarist. “We want to make sure that everyone is having a good time and make sure that this tour does not go to waste.” That strategy seems to be paying off as the bands have bonded really well over the course of the tour. They keep each other going by goofing off with Halloween masks, mooning each other on the highway and as Kyle remembers, they even come together to solve major transport issues. “Our trailer broke in the parking lot the other day and thankfully we have some mechanics among us so we all got our toolboxes out, did some tinkering and fixed the problem quickly.”

Despite the setbacks, the tour has been “kicking ass” according to Kyle, who adds, “It’s all about getting over the bumps. There’s always going to be bad shit. The tour took an unfortunate turn and we’re toughing it out trying to hold everything together. It might suck a little bit, but we’re going to keep this going and make the best of it. At the end of the day, it’s all about digging through the bullshit to find the one good thing you need to keep the faith.”

AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH’s EARACHE debut will be released in 2010.


11.19.09 Klamath Falls, OR – Yesterday’s Plaza
11.20.09 Roseburg, OR – Riversdale Grange
11.21.09 Olympa, WA – Club Impact @ The Big Room
11.22.09 Spokane, WA – The Empyrean
11.23.09 Boise, ID – The Venue
11.24.09 Layton, UT – V2
11.25.09 Denver, CO – Owsley’s
11.27.09 Cape Girardeau, MO – The 4-H
11.28.09 Covington, KY – The Mad Hatter
11.29.09 Springfield, IL – The Blacksheep Cafe
12.11.09 Howell, MI – The Howell Rec. Center
12.12.09 Jackson, MI – Club 789
12.19.09 Westland, MI – Skateland West

This past summer, EARACHE RECORDS signed AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH. Formed 2
years ago in Detroit, MI, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH has taken great influence from death metal legends such as DECIDE and co-mingled them with modern touches popularized by the likes of WHITECHAPEL and OCEANO. The band has toured non-stop throughout middle America and the west coast for a 2008 Statik Factory-released entitled DOMAIN. Over the course of their relentless tour schedule, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH have opened eyes, broken jaws and kicked the door down into scenes that many figured unreachable. With a solid combination of modern, sub-woofer smashing extreme music perfection and a classy, hands-on approach to their fanbase that’s second to none, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH looks forward to waving the EARACHE flag for some time to come.

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