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We were just informed of the following news about Hod bassist Derrick Rivers leaving the band to focus his efforts on battling cancer. Vocalist Beer Reebs shares the following information about Rivers, as well as other Hod happenings.

“Our original bassist Dirty Derrick has been battling cancer and thus far has been successful. However, he was recently informed that it had come back in his liver and possibly his lungs and will begin treatment for it again within a few weeks. He’s decided in the interest of his health, that he will be hanging up the bass to focus on taking care of himself. Although the band hates to see him go we all completely understand and support his decision to do so. His last performance with Hod will be this Saturday, November 14th, at The Goregrowler’s Ball 3 in San Antonio, TX at The Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar. Taking Dirty Derek’s place on the bludgeoning four strings will be Trans Am from the Austin, TX based grindcore band, Pleasant Valley. His first live performance with Hod will be Saturday December 5th at Downtown Music in Littlerock, AR with Deadbird and Vore.”

“In other Hod news, I’m pleased to announce that the band is four songs into the second full length album and follow up to Serpent. It is scheduled for recording in early 2010 and set to be recorded at Raging Steel Fury Studios in Austin, TX by Ignitor/Agony Column guitarist Stuart “Batlord” Lawrence. It is set to be mixed and mastered at Sweden’s Necromorbus Studios and released by Ibex Moon Records.”

“Finally, 2010 also has some heavy show activity coming up. We have shows lined up with bands like Gravehill, Godless Rising, Blaspherian, and legendary crossover band D.R.I., to name a few.”

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