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This just in from Acheron vocalist/bassist Vincent Crowley: “Acheron has just returned from a long weekend with three shows in the Midwest. This was the first time Acheron has ever played Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee (with the exception of Milwaukee Metal Fest).

These three days of pure aggressive, satanic death metal were to support our upcoming November 23rd U.S. release of The Final Conflict: Last days of God on Ibex Moon Records. We would like to send out unholy praises to The Firewalk Group in Milwaukee, Viva La Muerte Productions in Chicago, and The NYDM for saving the show in Madison (No thanks to local douche bag Tom for almost fucking up the show). A big hails to Cardiac Arrest for supporting us this weekend, as well as all the bands that played and all the true metal supporters.”

And in case you forgot:

Blasphemous death metallers ACHERON have signed with Ibex Moon Records for the US release of The Final Conflict: Last Days of God. Founding bassist / vocalist Vincent Crowley had this to say about the signing:

“We (ACHERON) have really been wanting to have someone license our new album The Final Conflict: Last Days of God in the United States to help give us more of a push in our own country. When Ibex Moon stepped up and signed a deal with Displeased Records we were very excited. John McEntee from Ibex Moon has really put his label/company on the map. Ibex Moon has great distribution and has been releasing excellent albums from killer bands. Our goals are to start promoting the new album as much as possible and get this new musical creation to all the American Metal fans! And as we do this, we hope for all the fans to show their support and actually go out and buy a copy of the new CD. Don’t let downloading replace the option of buying CDs! We promise those who get the new album won’t be disappointed in their purchase.”

The album, the band’s first in six years, is out now in Europe and will be released on November 23rd in the US. Drummer Kyle Severn (INCANTATION) shares his thoughts on the album, as well as his band’s new US home:

“It is awesome to have yet another release out on Ibex Moon Records: Acheron- Final Conflict…Last Days of God. We have a license deal though Ibex Moon for the USA. We are happy to be a part of Displeased Records for Europe, but we needed distribution for this record in the USA. This record by far is one of the best records I’ve been a part of. It is full of energy and has that great old school death/black feeling that the metal community has been missing. We are the missing link that Ibex Moon has needed! We will also be following this release with some shows and s full world 2010 touring!”

Pre-order now through www.ibexmoonrecords.com and get a package deal that includes the CD, Acheron shirt, patch, and sticker!

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