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Jose “Aladdin” Barrales, frontman of Pomona, CA thrashers, BONDED BY BLOOD, wrote an expansive blog on the band’s MySpace page that looks back at an eventful 2009 and presents a rough sketch for their plans in 2010. Read on for more on the release of the followup album to 2008’s FEED THE BEAST and how you can play a part in their touring plans next year.

“Well where to start. We had a great run this year with the tours in support for Feed The Beast we did a west coast tour a full USA tour and 2 European tours. We got great feedback and had lots of fun. A lot has happened since then. We have been working really hard to give you a great 2nd album. We don’t want to disappoint and I’m pretty sure you wont be. We also lost a great friend and bassist but quickly found a great replacement in a guy named Jerry Garcia, some of you locals may know him as the Taking Over Bassist, which has brought great ideas to the BBB table. Now on to the juicy stuff…

The new album:
We are almost done writing. We have also demoed some songs for our listening pleasure. It also helps me write lyrics. I have shown some of my really close friends and allies and they love it. Its a step up from the old stuff and a step in the right direction. We have a couple of album names floating around but nothing is set in stone. We have narrowed down some studios in LA and around the area as well as producers. There is also a really cool artist that instantly captivated our eyes with his work I’m pretty sure you will love him as well once you see the art. The sound and subject matter is a bit different than our last attempt but in a good way. Its heavier fast and a bit more technical and precise. Still has that BBB taste. We are trying to get in the studio in December or maybe even January. So this new untitled album will be out early next yr. I know you cant wait to get your palms on it. Shit Im fucking excited to get my palms on it.

As most of you know or don’t know BBB books most of their shows/tours themselves. Not cus we don’t like booking agents or wouldn’t want one. Its just sometimes their roster is full and we have to wait around to get booked with “insert a big name band here” When we can just book a tour and take some fellow underground bands with us on a lovely month or two cruise on the road. Have some fun support the new bands coming out. This is for the USA of course when it comes to other countries we need help from an outside source and we thank everyone that has helped get us out there.

So with the release of the 2nd album we plan on making 2010 the yr BBB does not rest. We wanna tour till our dicks fall off. This is where all this planning comes along and sometimes we need help from YOU.

We have many contacts and are planning on a month and a half tour with some cool bands we have in mind. If we didn’t hit your city or state or you or your band would wanna set up a show let us know. this will be fun.

We have had many messages and Emails asking us why we never come to Mexico if we are right next door. Well your prayers have been answered cus we are already setting up a great tour with a cool band from here in the area to come destroy Mexico in late 2010. So hold on to your sombreros compadres we will make it to the motherland soon.

Been there twice and we wanna make it more and more times. Its always great to see a crazy European crowd. We have a couple options and might be out there twice. We will be trying to get on a couple fest in summer as well.

I have a contact out there but more would be appreciated. We really want to make this one happen. I have had emails of fans in Japan that really want to see us live. Hopefully sometime in 2010 we will make this happen.

South America:
We also have a few contacts here and we wanna make this happen. I know we have tons of fans in south America if you can help with this it would be awesome.

That pretty much it for now. We will update you as much as we can. Hope to see ya on the road.”

BONDED BY BLOOD’s debut album, FEED THE BEAST is available NOW!

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