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I love revivals. The idea of taking a long forgotten character or concept and reinventing them for a new audience is intriguing. After all if something was successful before why can’t it be now? While wandering around the Big Apple Comic Con, I stopped by a display of action figures from the sixties. Gary Schaffer and Eric C. Hayes ran the display and had finished production on a graphic novel for the toys known as “The Outer Space Men.”

Intrigued by the art and the idea I purchased a copy of the book and found myself pleasantly surprised by what I read. Eric and Gary, along with Rudolf Montemeyer, and Marc Borstel had taken these bendable toys from the sixties and built a story around them.

The Outer Space Men are a interplanetary Police Force with representatives from each planet in our Solar System. The group’s goal is to uphold the Fourteen Words “We must secure the existence of our planets and a future for our children.” The group takes notice of some strange disappearances on Earth. Only one person on our planet noticed them, Anne Pinerra, a student who in her spare time runs a conspiracy website. It turns out the disappearances are the work of the Outer Space Men’s old enemy, Mystron, who seeks to use the knowledge culled from his hostages to return the Earth to its sulfuric state.

I don’t want to give away too much but what follows is a quest to stop Mystron’s plan that offers an intriguing interpretation on the war between Heaven and Hell. This interpretation is what makes the book so interesting and keeps you hooked until the end. Also impressive is how writer Eric C. Hayes used the brief character profiles (found on the back of the packages) and physical attributes of the toys to craft personalities to the characters. While these personalities maybe archetypal, one must remember that this book really serves as the introduction to this universe and its characters, leaving a lot of room open for character and world development.

Overall, the Outer Space Men is a good reintroduction to an old toy line that introduces you to a brand new universe. It will be interesting to see where Eric, Rudolf, Marc, and Gary take these characters in the future. I hope that this is the beginning of a strong new franchise. Check them out and order the full color graphic novel at theouterspacemen.com.

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