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In one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s more inspired moves Monday Night RAW is going to be hosted by a man whose notoriety eclipses that of Vince McMahon, Ozzy.

Unlike other celebrity hosts such as Jeremy Piven or Reverend Al Sharpton, Ozzy is a perfect fit for the world of professional wrestling. (Or sports entertainment as it’s supposedly referred to in WWE Headquarters) Their creative team has tried for years to come up with characters that are just like Ozzy. Unfortunately, you can’t beat the genuine article. And to make matters even better, this isn’t Ozzy’s first foray into the WWE. Long time fans like myself know he managed the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid) to the Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania 2 back in 1986.

As a wrestling and metal fan this announcement only strengthens the tie between the two. Metal has always been a staple of professional wrestling. The heavy beats and power chords make perfect entrance themes to pump the audience for a match. As a matter of fact, several of metals greatest acts have performed on wrestling cards whether it was Megadeth’s appearance on WCW Monday Nitro or Motorhead not only composing, but playing Triple H to the ring at Wrestlemania’s 17 and 21. (Not to mention when he rocked the Lemmy-stache) And of course there is Chris Jericho’s band ‘Fozzy’. However, nowhere was metal and wrestling more intertwined then in the mid to late nineties with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

For awhile, ECW was the only outlet where fans could hear good metal because they used actual songs as entrance music. The two most prominent entrances where the Sandman and Rob Van Dam’s. Van Dam would come out to the chorus of Pantera’s “Walk” and the entire crowd would sing in unison (and sometimes throw him dimebags). Then, there was the Sandman entering through the crowd to, of course, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” while drinking a beer and then crushing it over his head while the crowd sings along. (Check it out below)


Now, back to Ozzy. What could he do on RAW? There are plenty of possibilities. Managing the Undertaker could be one, but unfortunately he’s on the Smackdown show. However, if creative is smart they’ll play off the controversy between Jericho and Ozzy when Chris had to shorten ‘Fozzy Osbourne’ to ‘Fozzy’ to avoid legal problems. Just a possibility. No word yet on the date, but check WWE.com or Ozzy.com for more information.

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