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“Adults are evil”, was Yoshiyuki Tomino’s advice to a rabid audience during his Q&A. The director and creator of such acclaimed Anime’s as Aura Battler Dubine, Brain Powered, and an unknown franchise called, Mobile Suit Gundam, sat down at Anime Fest to answer fans burning questions. Some of the questions were ones that were constantly asked, while others give great insight into the mind of one of Anime’s greatest innovators.

Kicking off the questions was none other than…myself. I asked the legendary director a question that had been plaguing me for ten years about the end of Char’s Counterattack’s meaning. My response was a roar of laughter from the crowd. In an attempt to regain some of my dignity, I asked, “do you get that a lot?”  Tomino answered me by saying he believes there is a creator within us all and the ending of Char’s Counterattack is your own interpretation. Moving on from there, Tomino was asked why the stars of his shows were always adolescents, Tomino replied he thinks adults are evil, because they focus too much on the present and frivolous matters. Youth on the other hand focuses on the future because they are inheritors of the world and will live in it longer. When asked about his goal in creating Gundam, he wanted a series that would appeal to both adults and children. He elaborated with the little known fact that when Gundam first debuted most of the fans were teenage girls.

When asked about Gundam’s influences, Tomino said he was inspired by films and said he applied regular film techniques to animation when he directed Gundam. Those techniques are why it was so easy for the studio to edit the show into three movies. A technique that may look easy but is actually very difficult, and not just from a story standpoint. He also said he thinks of his shows as films rather than animation. He also told a fan never to ask him if ZZ Gundam will be edited into movies. Finally, a fan asked Tomino if he planned to do anything in the romance genre, too which he replied, “find someone to sponsor” the same answer he gave to a fan asking if there would ever be a Crossbone Gundam anime. Tomino concluded by telling the audience that the day you become satisfied with your work is the day you’ll be finished as a creator and that you should always look toward the next work rather then dwelling on the previous series. Also, being physically exhausted when you finish is a sign your work is done.

Despite the questions ending, the panel wasn’t finished. After being told to turn off all recording devices, Tomino showed footage from his new series Ring of Gundam. Because there were no subtitles I could not figure out what was going on but I’ll tell you what I saw: Earth is surrounded by a space ring colony, the animation is CGI and is superb, and several Gundam’s form a ring and summon a sleeping beauty. That’s all I got, I guess we’ll have to wait for the official release for the full story.

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