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Sometimes you can judge a band by an album cover.  I did in the winter of 2000. I was reading Metal Edge when I stumbled upon an advertisement for a concept album, called “Avenger” by a band named ASKA. The image featured a woman clad in Witchblade attire, with a zombie like alien behind her. Beneath the image was a blurb that read “ The Outworlders had won…their conquest of Earth was now truly complete. All resistance to their control was obliterated by mandatory sterilization. Today, the last breeder male was found and executed. His mate would blame her body’s state on the Outworld oppressors and she would hope that the child she now carried in her womb would be the One…the One the prophets had foretold in the Age of Light…AVENGER” being both a comic and metal fan I was intrigued.

I went to their website ASKAband.com and checked out some of the songs from “Avenger” and was blown away. What I discovered was a combination of Texas metal with European and Classic Metal. There were catchy songs, strong vocals, excellent vocals, great bass work, piano solos, and strong lyrics.  I officially was an ASKA fan. Unfortunately, they had a very limited audience and didn’t tour much outside of Texas, so I made it my mission to let people know about this band.

I would bring their CD to school and share it with my friends; they liked it, calling it a fine alternative that “screaming noise you usually listen to.” (Needless to say they weren’t metal fans)  When I went to college and hosted a metal radio show, I would play (much to the station manager’s dismay) “Avenger” from start to finish, and give the bands information out over the air, including the progress of upcoming album.

Finally in 2008, ASKA released the album “Absolute Power” and once again have given us another masterpiece. From the thunderous, Maiden-esqe opening track “Longships” to “Warrior Poets” which combines Scottish folk music with guitars, “Absolute Power” is the next step in the growth of not only their musicianship but also awareness. ASKA not only played this year’s Rocklahoma but their tracks can be found on iTunes, and “Absolute Power” is even available at Best Buy. So if you’re a fan of old-school metal checkout ASKA at their myspace or their website ASKAband.com. You’ll be glad you did.


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