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Reports are coming from several places that the upcoming Broadway musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark is in financial trouble. The musical, slated to open March 2010 at The Hilton Theater in New York City and costing 45 million dollars, has suspended production this month due to money running out. Producer David Garfinkle has been scrambling to get a new dose of financing to get the ball rolling again. With the news that Disney has just purchased Marvel, some would think that the mouse house would save the day…wrong!

Disney is said to not want nothing to do with the production, which many feel is over budgeted and bloated. Disney has had its own troubles in the past with large productions on Broadway (Tarzan, Little Mermaid). Some have predicted the production will never get off the ground. 45 million dollars may not sound like much when it comes to movie productions, but on Broadway, thats a huge number. Also, advanced sales for the show are just a bit over one million. In everyman terms, that amount is very, very, very low for a production of this magnitude. So where to go for said financing? Rumblings are that Bono might just come to the rescue. Rumour has it that Bono is hitting up some of his “well to do” friends to contribute to the production. U2’s Bono and The Edge are slated to write the music for the show.
Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark directed by Julie Taymor and starring Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson and Alan Cumming as The Green Goblin.

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