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Motel 6 and Primary Wave Music, one of the largest music publishing and marketing companies in the United States , announce the third round of their wildly popular “Rock Yourself to Sleep” campaign.  Initially launched in August 2009, the campaign offers free rooms to touring bands.   

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   Bassist extraordinaire Marco Mendoza has unveiled his second solo album, “Casa Mendoza,” on Mascot Records. “Casa Mendoza” is a Latin-flavored melodic rock record with a commercial edge that is sure to appeal to fans of any of Mendoza’s work.  

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  “Shred guitar” and “neo classical metal” are two phrases that have been commonplace in the world of heavy metal for decades by this point, but both can be attributed to the unmistakable work by Yngwie Malmsteen.  

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  “… you won’t find a better live band on the planet today.” – Metal Hammer   “The music was perfectly executed and more sophisticated than is often credited … this show is surely one of the wonders of rock.”  – The Times (London), 5 Stars     September 27, 2010 – RAMMSTEIN announced today their only U.S. live performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City is scheduled for Saturday, December 11, 2010.    

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Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Hulk #26, from the sensational hit creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman. It’s Thor versus the Red Hulk and this time it’s the Odinson who layeth the smackdown! But unless the Red Hulk can make amends with Thor, MODOK’s Scorched Earth protocol will consume the Earth.  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Chaos War: Chaos King #1, from writer Brandon Montclare and legendary artist Michael W.M. Kaluta! When Zenn-La, the homeworld of the Silver Surfer, is caught in the sights of the maniacal Chaos King, can the gods of Zenn-La prevent its destruction?  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain America: Patriot #3 (of 4), from the critically lauded creative team of writer Karl Kesel and artist Mitch Breitweiser! Jeff Mace is the new Captain America , but if he wants to carry on the legacy of Steve Rogers, he will have to lead the All Winners Squad to victory in their greatest battle yet!  

Okay, I’m just gonna geek out and shout it to the heavens: PAUL LEVITZ AND KEITH GIFFEN ARE REUNITING ON THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES!!! And I get to edit it! Whee!! You have to understand what this monumental development means to me personally. Y’see, Paul and Keith transformed the Legion from an enduring DC franchise into one of the most popular and dynamic comic book series of the 1980s. With an entire 30th century future world at their command, they crafted the most innovative, break-the-mold superhero world anyone had ever read up to that point. Their names were spoken in the same breath as Frank Miller, Chris Claremont and Wolfman/Pérez.  

We’ve got a full rundown of the BRIGHTEST DAY books shipping in December, including a few clues into the origin of a certain Black Manta.  

When Alice In Chains, Deftones, and Mastodon, 3 of the massive forces in heavy metal today announced the BlackDiamondSkye tour in support each of their recent releases, I knew this was going to be one awesome show. After catching the stop at Madison Square Garden last night, this ranks as one of the best tours of the year.  

All you Walking Dead fans, the official trailer for the much anticapated Walking Dead TV series coming to AMC in October has just been released. The Walking Dead is based on the award winning comic book by scribe Robert Kirkman and Image Comics.  

In this lavish historical drama – set in the Middle Ages -Arn, the knightly son of a Swedish nobleman, must journey to the Holy Land on horseback as a sentence for taking up with a forbidden romantic partner. The voyage carries him through the heart of the medieval world and into the core of the brutal and bloody Crusades.  

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