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  Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and political activist Serj Tankian has postponed the street date of his new solo album, entitled Imperfect Harmonies, in order to package the recording in the same tree-free paper he has used for his previous releases, including Elect the Dead and Elect the Dead Symphony. The eco-friendly paper was not available to create the packaging for Imperfect Harmonies in time to make the previously announced street date of September 7th.  

And you thought we were done with SDCC 2010 posts! Well, far from it. While at the show, we managed to snag a number of pictures – of fans, creators and other assorted highlights from the show. So, scroll below for a visual recap of the event, courtesy of my cellphone camera and others. Click below to begin.  

Mento’s back, and Rita’s got him in a death grip! When her ex takes things one step too far, he learns a hard lesson about ticking off a 50-foot woman – and we learn some secrets about Rita.  

Marvel is pleased to present your new look at Thor #615 as superstar creators Matt Fraction, Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth take Thor to new heights! Witness the dawn of a new age as Asgard is restored to its former glory and retakes its place as the Golden Realm.  

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Shadowland: Power Man #1 from the red-hot creative team of Fred Van Lente and Mahmud Asrar! A new Power-Man has arrived! Who is this mysterious would-be hero and what can he do to oppose Daredevil, leader of the Hand?!  

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This is what the Lordi members look like now! With every new Lordi album comes a brand new look for the band and now with the imminent arrival of the band’s fifth studio album Babez for Breakfast, Lordi has new masks to reveal. This time their costumes as well as the music on the new album have a hint of the golden 80’s.  

Ok metal fans, here’s the deal, if you’re looking for a festival show and refuse to shell out the cash for Ozzfest or Mayhem Fest tickets, get to your nearest club and go do some slam dancing with a few thousand of your closest death metal, metalcore and deathcore friends because that is what the Summer Slaughter tour is all about. We’re talking 10 bands and 6 hours of some of the heaviest metal you’ll find on tour this summer. Since its annual inception in 2007, many of the bands have come back year after year to play on this tour and if the August 1st stop at NYC’s Irving Plaza is any indication, it’s because the fans are absolutely rabid from start to finish.  

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Fist – one of the many groups that emerged during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Despite the strong support they had from the critics, the band failed to gain the popularity they deserved. And today Metal Mind Productions presents the exclusive re-release of Fist’s debut album from 1980 – “Turn The Hell On” – which brings back a true heavy metal legend.  

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U.S. Porn Grind Masters LIVIDITY will embark on a European tour on August 11th in Trier, Germany. Dubbed the Defiling Europe Tour and consisting of festival appearances and on-off gigs, the shows will feature a variety of LIVIDITY’s solid gold obscenities and prurient platinum hits, including cuts from the act’s most dynamic and devastating release to date, To Desecrate and Defile.  Lividity front man and Epitomite Productions chief Von Young offers the update.  

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D.O.A. is in full band/hockey training mode this summer in preparation for their Canadian tour in September and October. Canada’s premier punks will slash, elbow and hack their way across the Northern Wasteland just in time for the opening of the new hockey season.  

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Australia’s Karnivool have just wrapped up their SOLD OUT “NEW DAY TOUR” in Australia and are thrilled to announce that they’ll be returning stateside this mont for the North American leg.  

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DARKEST HOUR are about to enter the studio and they have announced that they are teaming up with renowned SOILWORK shredder Peter Wilchers. The band has put a lot of time and thought into choosing the right producer for this record and they’re convinced they’ve found one. “  

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