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Holy….mother….of….awesome….Fan’s of Joss Whedon’s acclaimed show have been aching for something more from the gone to soon show that has been dead for a decade. Now we can have a taste of what we need in a new form. This excitement comes in the form of an online game. It was announced at San Diego Comic Con’s press day and for more information check out . This is so beyond exciting that I can hardly contain myself.  

IDW Publishing and Cinemax® announced that the free digital one-shot BANSHEE: ORIGINS has been expanded to include additional content, filling fans in on just how master thief Lucas Hood found his way to the town of Banshee, Pennsylvania in Cinemax’s hit show.  

Pop Culture Girl News, TV Add Comments is reporting that a a character from the hit BBC show Sherlock will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones. No, not Sherlock Holmes himself – actor Benedict Cumberbatch – but instead actor/writer/producer Mark Gatiss, who portrays Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft.  

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A new Avengers Assemble clip was released this week with a lot of speculation on some traitors in the group. In the clip that was previewed to press we find out that it is entirely possible that Hawkeye might be up to some fishy business. This new series is the most highly anticipated animated show to air this year. It now shows on Sundays at 11a/10c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.  

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Alongside the heralded Speed Racer and Kimba: The White Lion, MARINE BOY was one of the original handful of imported television series that captured youngsters’ imaginations and put Japanese anime in the stateside consciousness.  

Cartoon Network has finally out a release date on their highly anticipated Beware of the Batman animated series. It will premiere on Saturday, July 13 at 10 a.m. (ET/PT) as part of DC Nation.  

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Everyone’s favorite motorcycle club is fleeing from television screens to comic book pages. Boom! Studios is producing a Son’s of Anarchy comic which follows the lives of the Teller’s in their adorable town of Charming. A lot of fans are super excited about this, mainly because the violence in the show is watered down due to the fact that it’s airing on prime time television. Through the eyes of a different medium things will be a lot more intense.  

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It will be a fateful day on June 24th when the opening of The Insane Clown Posse Theater hits television screens. In case you thought that reality television…or music… couldn’t get worse… it just did.  

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The wonders of the Marvel/ABC/Disney mix are well underway with their plans for new animated films and what have you. The newest installment of their grand master medium clash franchise plan was released the other day. A graphic novel base on the show Once Upon A Time is set to air on September 4th, and loos pretty dark.  

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It has indeed been announced. The hipster, fez-bearing doctor has left the building, and by building I mean the show. Matt Smith who has portrayed the doctor on the show since 2010 followed David Tennant, who in my opinion was much better. Opinions aside, the fan base is very sad to see him go and in utter curiosity about his departure.  

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There are a lot of rumors trolling around this weekend about favorites becoming television shows. Fan’s are buzzing about a potential show for the highly successful game, Halo, that is rumored to be a promotional work for Xbox One’s new television-like feature. There is also talks of a Wonder Woman show coming into existence after seeing the pilot of the Amazonian last year.  

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If there is ever a man worthy of wielding the excuse of being busy, J.J Abrams is him. In addition to his ongoing productions of the new Star Trek films and recent released information regarding him directing the new Star Wars, he is now also signed on for a new television show on Fox, Almost Human.  

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