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The Poster for The Rest of  Season 2 & Some Info About Season 3 *Warning: This article talks about “The Walking Dead” on AMC as if the reader has seen all of the episodes to date. In fact nearly all of my articles on TWD will be written that way, so if you haven’t seen season 1 or episodes 1-7 of season 2 be advised that there are spoilers ahead. Also: you’re lame. What the Hell are you waiting for?? Get off your ass and go watch them right now! Oh, and there’s also some mature content & graphic images & shit in here too. You have now been warned- read at your own risk.*  

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Check Out Blade Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before as the Last of Marvel TV Premiers Not doing anything Sunday 1/15 at 11pm ET/PT? Enjoy watching action-packed supernatural monster slaughter delivered by a vampire/human hybrid known as the Daywalker? Ever see an awesomely horrible Japanese movie with school children fighting each other to the death titled “Battle Royale”? So maybe that last one is a “no” for many of you but I’ve seen it and trust me; it’s so violently wrong that it’s just right and clearly written by a very warped, brilliantly messed up mind. The mind of a guy named Kenta Fukasaku in fact, who is also the writer for the “Blade” anime series premiering on G4.  

It’s time to GO! The classic 1980’s Hanna Barbera cartoon television series is back on DVD, with the first five episodes digitally remastered on a single disc. Witness the action of the destructive GoBot rebels under the orders of the infamous Cy-Kill against the GoBot Guardians sworn to protect the inhabitants of planet Earth.  

Rally-ho! The 1966 Hanna-Barbera cartoon trio, The Impossibles, is back, along with the mechanical marauder, Frankenstein Jr. on a 2-disc set! Complete with maniacally preposterous villains, witty action phrases and heroic banter, the crime-fighting combination of the dynamic trio and riveting robot brings out a classic sense of comedic superhero-based adventure.  

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