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The second single “Left To Rot” off Swedish War machine WARFECT’s new album Spectre of Devastation spices the Thrash outfit with a blackened and old school attitude. Relentless riffs and brutal bass lines drive this demolition ball directly in your head. More than six minutes of pure aggression and hate – perfectly underlined by an intense official video.  

Multi-platinum hard rock titans GODSMACK continue to receive awards and accolades for WHEN LEGENDS RISE (BMG) with the album’s first single and #1 rock track “Bulletproof” receiving a Platinum Digital Single Award as of September 24, 2020.  

GWAR are currently in the midst of the 30th anniversary celebration of  “Scumdogs of the Universe.”  This includes two Drive In shows set for Richmond, VA on October 10th as well as the release of 30th anniversary editions of the “Scumdogs of the Universe.”   

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McFarlane Toys has expanded its licensing program with the addition of Tanya Visano. Visano has over fifteen years of entertainment and licensing expertise, both domestically and internationally.  She has held senior sales and licensing positions with global entertainment studios and iconic brands.  

U.K. grindcore pioneers Napalm Death, who released their new studio album Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism on Friday via Century Media Records, have seen the album place highly on several international sales charts:  

So we all collectively agree that 2020 sucks, right? I don’t think I need to go into much detail why, but I can safely tell you that the death metal scene has never been better. Right now, the hip and cool thing is old school worship, but with a modern vibe. We’re past the point of ripping off Morbid Angel and being an angrier thrash metal, because now’s the time for nasty-ass riffs, vocalists that sound like they’re choking of vomit, and blast beats to make all the grind kids lose their damn mind.  

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Burton C. Bell, long time lead singer and frontman for Fear Factory has officially left the band.  

On October 2nd, Six Feet Under will release their seventeenth full-length, Nightmares Of The Decomposed, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of Nightmares Of The Decomposed, a video for the new single, “Blood of the Zombie”  

As the Earth of 2020 continues to revolve in a puzzling singularity, three of the world’s most powerful men have harnessed their collective capabilities for nuclear and musical power into a quest for world peace. On October 30th, this trio of explosive musicians/personalities will unleash their debut EP, A Clear and Present Rager.  

In the darkest of years, MOONSPELL have announced that they will perform a special live Halloween show, taking place in the South of Portugal in an ancient town named Beja, on October 31, 2020!  

Lovecraftian metal is something I’ve always been about. Eldritch horrors and savage, jagged riffing seem to go hand in and, and throw in some spacey reverb and you’re sure enough conjuring the Great Old Ones with your odd fascination with Cthulhu and Azathoth. Deathcore, on the other hand, doesn’t really delve into that territory too often, so when I stumbled on Carcosa and immediately clicked with what the band was basing their music off of, I decided to give it a try. I’m not one for the genre anymore, but every now and then I find a band that’s really cool and doesn’t sound like diet Dying Fetus or early Job for a Cowboy.  

With their new single and subsequent music video for “Blackened Eyes”  

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