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The Big Kahuna Hard Music Comments Off on Mad Max’s re-issues coming out soon

Mad Max debuted on the German metal scene in 1982, delivering a brilliant combination of hard rock and heavy metal. Throughout the years the band managed to record eight full-length albums and one EP, with each release proving their amazing musical skills. This exclusive set of re-released early Mad Max albums – “Mad Max”, “Rollin’ Thunder”, “Stormchild” and “Night of Passion” – brings back one of the most underrated German rock legends ever to walk the face of this planet…  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music Comments Off on New album from D.O.A. – Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer

D.O.A. Canada’s punk legends and the originators of hardcore punk pummel you with a great new album, Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer. A short time ago, Canadian punk godfather JOE SHITHEAD KEITHLEY was sourly contemplating the namby-pamby-ness of the new National Hockey League style, as he reached for the solace of a beer, it occurred to him, “Hey, damn this corporate NHL crap! Let’s give the people some real rough and tumble on the ice! The D.O.A. way!” So that’s what this is, D.O.A. go back to their roots. They invented the “HOCKEY ROCK” genre with their break though Taking Care of Business video in 1987, that featured BTO guitarist RANDY BACHMAN. (Of course all due credit... 

The Big Kahuna Hard Music 1 Comment

With their first new studio album in three years, ‘Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere,’ just released (via Mighty Loud!/Fontana), Powerman 5000 is gearing up to come back in a big way. The first step was to recently film a eye-popping new video for the album’s lead-off single, “Super Villain,” which as you’ll soon see, features some ultra-cool “space masks” in the clip. And starting October 12th, fans will be able to enter in a contest to win their very own robot mask that was used in the video, by visiting harddriverradio.com.  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music Comments Off on White Wizard guitarist creates guitar series for Youtube

Erik Kluiber, one of the gifted guitarists in the Los Angeles traditional metal act, WHITE WIZZARD will be releasing a series of instructional guitar videos on YouTube over the coming weeks. Kluiber, an accomplished professional guitar teacher in his spare time, will be sharing the secrets behind some of the most iconic riffs, licks, leads and solos in the world of hard rock and heavy metal.  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music 1 Comment

Nashville based hard rockers Day Of Fire’s latest release, Losing All, is set to hit stores on January 26th 2010. The album features 13 ambitious, high energy rock songs, including the first single, “Lately.” The song was the # 2 Most Added at Active Rock Radio this week and the band has an interview confirmed with HARD DRIVE set to air November 14th (airs on 125 stations nationally).  

Todd C Matthy Hard Music, News Comments Off on Them Crooked Vultures Have Landed

They haven’t released their album yet, but I can already tell it will be a candidate for album of the year. Last week, Them Crooked Vultures made their New York debut at Roseland Ballroom with a phenomenal performance that is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Then again what else should I expect from a supergroup composed of  drummer Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Probot), lead guitarist and vocalist Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), rhythm guitarist Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age), and bassist, keyboardist, and legend, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin).  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music 1 Comment

Los Angeles, CA – October 14, 2009 — Two icons of rock have joined forces to create a new rock bar and performance space in Las Vegas. Alice in Chains guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian plan to launch the venue, Dead Man’s Hand, in November.  

Todd C Matthy Hard Music, News Comments Off on Ozzy to Host RAW

In one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s more inspired moves Monday Night RAW is going to be hosted by a man whose notoriety eclipses that of Vince McMahon, Ozzy. Unlike other celebrity hosts such as Jeremy Piven or Reverend Al Sharpton, Ozzy is a perfect fit for the world of professional wrestling. (Or sports entertainment as it’s supposedly referred to in WWE Headquarters) Their creative team has tried for years to come up with characters that are just like Ozzy. Unfortunately, you can’t beat the genuine article. And to make matters even better, this isn’t Ozzy’s first foray into the WWE. Long time fans like myself know he managed the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite... 

Todd C Matthy Hard Music, News Comments Off on Bands to Watch: ASKA

Sometimes you can judge a band by an album cover.  I did in the winter of 2000. I was reading Metal Edge when I stumbled upon an advertisement for a concept album, called “Avenger” by a band named ASKA. The image featured a woman clad in Witchblade attire, with a zombie like alien behind her. Beneath the image was a blurb that read “ The Outworlders had won…their conquest of Earth was now truly complete. All resistance to their control was obliterated by mandatory sterilization. Today, the last breeder male was found and executed. His mate would blame her body’s state on the Outworld oppressors and she would hope that the child she now carried in her womb would be the One…the One the prophets had foretold... 

Todd C Matthy Hard Music 4 Comments

If you’re like me, you think MTV is the worst thing to happen to music since…I can’t think of an analogy right now. Once a bastion of rebellion, MTV has gone from the network that brought us great programs like Headbangers Ball and played music to bringing heaping mounds of homunculus turds like My Super Sweet Sixteen to living rooms in America and the world. And I can pin point where this changed happened, the day when Beavis and Butthead left the air.  

The Big Kahuna Hard Music Comments Off on Goes Cube/Suicide City to play The Royal Flush Film Fest

Goes Cube and Suicide City are gearing up for an exclusive performance at the Royal Film Festival Friday, October 16th at Crash Mansion In NYC. Doors are at 8pm and there is a one hour open bar to get you started! best of all the show is FREE with RFF Festival Badges RSVP HERE  

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You could say that there are basically two types of bands: the first type includes all those lost heroes who follow their creative path from start to finish, never minding the consequences of their artistic choices. The second type gathers all the bright young talents who are more of an industry product designed to succeed rather than a genuine (and thus convincing) musical group. Sadly, it’s usually the second kind that gets all the attention and mainstream success, while the first often ends in oblivion. But what if you try joining the two together? What would come out of such a fiendish mixture? Well… enter Therapy?. This Irish rock band has been walking on the mainstream tightrope for nearly 20 years now, constantly... 

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