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Netflix Inc. announced today it acquired Millarworld, the comic book publishing powerhouse founded by Mark Millar, the legendary creator of such iconic characters and stories as Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and Old Man Logan, and one of the most important voices in comics.  

When innocent civilians begin committing unthinkable crimes across Metropolis, Gotham City and beyond, Batman must call upon mystical counterparts to eradicate this demonic threat to the planet. Enter Justice League Dark, reluctantly led by the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine.  

Spider-Man: Homecoming is invading Astoria, NY for some shots for the upcoming movie featuring everyone’s favorite Wall Crawler. HERE ARE FIRST LOOK PICS OF TOM HOLLAND ON SET IN NYC!!! Stay tuned for more info and pics…  

When you work in comic books as long as Legendary Writer, Editor and comic book company creator Jim Shooter has, you come across many an artist and writer who are now mainstays in the industry. Oh…the stories this great former Marvel Mastermind should have. Well, here’s a doozie Mr. Shooter shared with us from the floor of this years Tampa Bay Comic Con. It’s a very interesting one concerning one of the founding members of Image comics. The one and only Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen.  

John Wesley Shipp, currently playing the role of Henry Allen on the current CW hit “The Flash”and the original Barry Allen in the 90’s version of The FLash TV show, spoke with about being cast as Barry’s father, the future of The Flash and his first time at San Diego Comic Con.  

Danny Trejo, legendary Mexican actor and all of 71, is hinting that he may have bagged the role of DCs most notorious anti Heroes…  

This just in folks! As I made my way to the Heroes and Villains costume competition at the Latitude Bar on 8th Avenue in the heart of New York, I had the privilege of meeting the artist of Tech Jacket from Image Comics. Mr. Khary Randolph, who derives his inspiration from “non-cape” super-heroes  

During Friday’s One on One panel at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2015, JUSTICE LEAGUE writer Geoff Johns revealed his plans for series of one-shots spinning out of his current “Darkseid War” story arc.  

Without further ado, I present Mr. DeMatteis. A man of many talents within the comic and music industry that has been gifted with a writing talent that leads our imaginations into places of uncharted territory. I had the honor of an interview, by which an in depth discussion was met…..  

A man who has brought Archie into the main stream, and had immersed us with illustrations of innovation. I give you Fernando Ruiz…..  

With so much writing on parallel dimensions, alternate universes, and “what if?” storyline’s, I thought I would take my love for canonized stories and embark on a mission as a continuity buff to explain how comic book characters survive through an elastic sense of time. I had the liberty of meeting with comic book writer J.M. DeMatties, who was signing re-released copies of his 1993 graphic novel “Mercy.” As I arrived at Jim Hanley’s Universe this Wednesday, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the man who wrote such greats as Kraven’s Last Hunt, and the 2004 Eisner Award winning “Formerly Known as the Justice League” his take on the way in which characters are placed within arcs.  

Have we as members of the comic book fandom lost our roots to this genre of camaraderie and cultural heritage? The written values, and artistic panels have seem to lost its meaning in regards to pop cultural imagery and larger than life stories. What I mean by this, is that the convention scene has been overridden by the New York Comic Con’s transformation into a “Hollywood” phenomenon, by which fans purchase countless tickets to re-sell them while celebrities take over with their expensive autograph sessions.  

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