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American black metal pioneers PROFANATICA are now streaming their entire upcoming album, ‘Rotting Incarnation of God,’ which will be released tomorrow, October 11. The full album can be heard below…

‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ can be ordered in various formats HERE.

PROFANATICA have previously announced new European tour dates for this November. The full itinerary can be found below.PROFANATICA
11/01: Leipzig (DE) @ Mörtelwerk
11/02: Berlin (DE) @ Nuke Club
11/03: Rostock (DE) @ Zwischenbau
11/04: Arhus (DK) @ HQ
11/05: Hamburg (DE) @ Markthalle
11/06: Kassel (DE) @ Goldgrube
11/07: Antwerp (BE) @ Het Bos
11/08: Dordrecht (NL) @ Bibelot
11/09: Paris (FR) @ Winter Rising Fest
11/10: Rennes (FR) @ Mondo Bizarro
11/11: Bilbao (ES) @ Edaska Pub
11/12: Barcelona (ES) @ Rocksound
11/13: Toulouse (FR) @ Les Pavillions Sauvages
11/14: Como (IT) @ Centrale Rock Pub
11/15: Pescara (IT) @ Scumm
11/16: Naples (IT) @ First Floor Club
11/17: Bologna (IT) @ Alchemica Club
11/18: Linz (AT) @ Kapu
11/19: Zurich (CH) @ Ebrietas
11/20: Nürnberg (DE) @ Golden Nugget
11/21: Prague (CZ) @ 007 Club
11/22: Gliwice Mrowisko (PL) @ Black Silesia Fest
11/23: London (UK) @ Amersham Arms
11/24: Athens (GR) @ TempleThe artwork of ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ has been created by Paolo Girardi and can be viewed together with the track-list below.

Track List:
1. Liturgy of Impurity (03:38)
2. Prayer in Eclipse (02:37)
3. Broken Jew (03:08)
4. Washed in the Blood of Lord (03:49)
5. Sacramental Cum (06:12)
6. Mocked, Scourged and Shit Upon (03:17)
7. Tithing Cunt (03:03)
8. Rotting Incarnation of God (04:21)
9. Eucharist In Ruin (02:51)
10. In My Kingdom (04:32)
Total: (37:37)

One of the first wave of American black metal bands, PROFANATICA have purveyed primeval blasphemy on nigh for three decades. ‘Rotting Incarnation of God,’ their latest album and first with Season of Mist, vomits forth a most vulgar strain of black metal ejaculate. Led by founder Paul Ledney, the trio desecrate everything sacred with a ferocious stream of chainsaw guitars and relentless battery. PROFANATICA walk as kings in the murky depths of the black metal scene, and ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’ cements their well-deserved reputation as one of the genre’s most wicked creations. Some music was meant to stay underground.

In 1990, Aragon Amori, Paul Ledney, and Brett Makowski departed INCANTATION due to artistic differences, leading to the birth of PROFANATICA. Influenced by such classic cults as VENOM, NECROVORE, SARCOFAGO, and BATHORY, the unholy trinity together had a passion to create raw and sacrilegious Black Metal. The band has since released four full-lengths and over a dozen demos, splits, and compilations. However, their story is not one without controversy as the masters for what was supposed to be their first full-length, initially titled ‘The Raping of the Virgin Mary,’ were unfortunately destroyed in the studio, although, there are conflicting stories about what really happened. The band parted ways until Ledney resurrected PROFANATICA with two new members in 2001. Despite dropping their first demo in 1990, their long overdue debut full-length, ‘Profanatitas de Domonatia,’ was released 17 years after the band’s conception.

Now, PROFANATICA’s latest chapter is nothing short of blasphemous perversions, sacrilegious incantations, and furious, unrelenting black metal. The kings of USBM are back to bless you with another assault of unholy hellfire.


Paul Ledney: drums & vocals
Adam Besserer: guitars
Richard Olsen: bass


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