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It appears as though we’re reaching a point where seemingly, just about everything has been utilized for an optimum internet viewing experience. But fast-rising metallists have taken a bold step towards improving their fans’ viewing of their website, by launching “AOE Mobile.” Whenever you visit www.ageofevil.com on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or android device, Age of Evil’s website will auto detect that you’re on one of these devices, and take you to a site optimized for a smaller, touch-friendly screen. Visitors will be given the choice to continue to the mobile site, go to the desktop version, or download the group’s app. The benefits of this are faster load times, easier navigation, and a better reading experience.

And as many fans of the band already know, visiting www.ageofevil.com results in a steady stream of up-to-the-minute info on the band via their news/blog section, as well as photo and video sections, a full social section, an optimized store, a tour section (with integrated Google maps), and a complete band bio.

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona-based, Age of Evil is comprised of a double pair of brothers – singer/rhythm guitarist Jeremy Goldberg, guitarist Jordan Ziff, bassist Jacob Goldberg, and drummer Garrett Ziff – and is flying high from the release of their debut EP, ‘Get Dead,’ which has created quite a buzz throughout the metal community. And the metal press is certainly backing the band, including Andy Secher, long-time editor for Hit Parader Magazine, who said, “Thanks to young Arizona rockers Age of Evil, the sounds of vintage metal are alive and well as we kick off the second decade of the 21st Century.” And now with an optimized version of www.ageofevil.com for devices, fans will be able to connect with and experience the band in a whole new light.

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