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Hellbilly Deluxe 2
Rob Zombie released an audio feast of twisted tales and imagery that only he could produce. When I saw that Rob Zombie’s newest release was going to be a sequel to Hellbilly Deluxe, my curiosity was piqued. I didn’t know whether to expect a throwback to the semi-industrial sound of Hellbilly Deluxe and White Zombie or if he was going to continue in the more stripped down style of his more recent releases. He stuck with the more stripped down style but that doesn’t take away from the album at all.
The opener “Jesus Frankenstein” details the composition of a disturbing looking prophet, with parts of both the sinner and the saint. Within the first few moments of the song, I was already pumping my fist and stomping my legs as Zombie yells “All hail Jesus Frankenstein!” As this gave way into “Sick Bubblegum,” I could tell, as Zombie suggested in his lyrics, that this album was going to chew me up and spit me out.
Zombie and his band have the ability to write a catchy metal album that almost feels poppy but retains a dark undertone. Need an example? Just look at the 3rd track, also the album’s first single, “What?” The lyrics are downright odd but the riff and tone of the song can make anyone want to just jump around. The next song, “Mars Needs Women” is another fist pumping anthem complete with acoustic guitar intro. This song in its simplicity is just downright fun to listen to. How can you not want to sing along the to the chorus, “Mars needs women; Angry red women”?
As the album continues on, songs like “Werewolf, Baby!” bring a strong Zeppelin like feel to the guitars and songs like “Burn” once again bring a gritty feel to the album with yet another jump around chorus.
Late into the album, we encounter “Werewolf Women of the SS” which, if you saw the Tarantino/ Rodriguez “Grindhouse” film, comes straight from Zombie’s “fake” trailer for a film of the same name. I was very glad to see that this song made it to the album. Listen to this song with your eyes closed and you can see the 70’s dancers with silk scarves twirling about to this tune.
As the album runs into the closing track, “The Man Who Laughs” you might expect a bit of an epic due to the 9+ minutes allotted to this song along with the synthesizer laden intro. Well, if that’s what you expected, you’re right. Two words are needed to summarize this song… DRUM SOLO!!! Yes that’s right, a full on 4 minute drum solo from Tommy Clueftos. Tommy showed impressive skill the during the course of the album but really puts on a show during this song.
In the end, I was thoroughly impressed with Hellbilly 2. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it definitely delivers a helluva good time.

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