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Adding to an all ready devastatingly brutal roster of bands, Ibex Moon Records has just signed Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest. In addition to appearing alongside newfound labelmates such as Incantation, Acheron, Fatalist and Gravehill at this year’s Central Illinios and Michigan Deathfests, May 25th, 2010 will also see the release of Cardiac Arrest’s third full-length, Haven For The Insane. The band had this to say about their relationship with Ibex Moon Records, “We are humbly honored to join the ranks of the Ibex Moon Records roster.  Most of us have known John for a very long time, and have the upmost respect for him.  Being on a larger label run by a musician is absolutely ideal for a band like us.  We’re finally ‘home,’ as they say.  We collectively look forward to growing a lasting relationship with Ibex Moon Records; bringing our brand of death metal, Heart Stopping Death Rot, to the masses.  You have been warned.  See you on the road!”
-Four Guys called Cardiac Arrest


A video trailer promoting Haven For The Insane, due out May 25th on Ibex Moon Records, can be seen here. Pre-orders will be available soon through www.ibexmoonrecords.com or www.officialabyssrecords.com. The band has posted a new track from Haven For The Insane, entitled “The Blade That Reaps,” on their myspace page.




Cardiac Arrest began its existence in the spring of 1997, with original members Jim Nichols (bass, later drums) and Adam Scott (guitars/vocals).  By 2001, Cardiac Arrest became more stable and active.  After enduring various lineup changes and exploring side projects, Cardiac Arrest refocused in 2004 to record the MCD Demo Heart Stopping Death Rot, released in August of that same year.  Many shows followed throughout the Midwest with the lineup of Adam Scott, M. Raiman, and Ed Baugh.


Shortly after recording the now-classic Beast Among Many 7” for Famine Records, Adam sought new members to round out the CA machine.  Over the better part of 2005, CA was joined by Jim “.50 Cal” Deabenderfer and David “Amsterdamn” Holland, on drums and bass, respectively.  It was this lineup that would help to solidify Cardiac Arrest as a death metal monster in the Midwest and the surrounding area.  Before long, the three piece had written and recorded CA’s full length debut, Morgue Mutilations, for Redrum Records, released in October of 2006.


During the recording process for Morgue Mutilations, Tom “Terror” Knizner was added to the fold on second guitar and vocals.  This lineup has been stable since May 2006, spreading the Word Of Rot throughout the US for over three and a half years. 


It would not be long before the well-oiled machine of Cardiac Arrest would begin writing again.  The resulting sophomore effort, Cadaverous Presence (released on Epitomite Productions in spring 2008), was a definitive statement of what Cardiac Arrest had grown into: a grinding death metal outfit with undeniable chops.  The band showed a maturity in the craft of songwriting that is often lacking in so-called modern death metal that has become their trademark to this day.  It also marked the first time the band would self-produce at Kai Kauffman’s Polymorph Media Studio.


Cardiac Arrest has shared the stage with many metal titans over the years, to include, but not limited to: Napalm Death, Destruction, Extreme Noise Terror, Incantation, Funerus, Acheron, Impetigo, Mortician, Estuary, Vital Remains, Anal Blast, Lividity, Goreaphobia, Massacre, Resurrection, Denial Fiend, Impaled, and many, many more; through such respected festivals as Central Illinois Metalfest, Milwaukee Metalfest, Los Angeles Murderfest, Michigan Metalfest, Mayhem in May (KY), and several stateside tours.


Haven For the Insane, Cardiac Arrest’s long-awaited third full-length album, was recorded in the winter of 2008/2009, at Polymorph once again.  Mastering and artwork were completed as of November 2009, and the band eagerly awaits the day to unleash this new monster on the world at large.  Cardiac Arrest signed to Ibex Moon Records in February 2010, and is eager for the opportunity to spread the word of ROT on a global scale.  Appearances in support of Haven For The Insane at Central Illinois Metalfest and Michigan Deathfest 2010 are scheduled; several tours are in the works. 





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