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So we all collectively agree that 2020 sucks, right? I don’t think I need to go into much detail why, but I can safely tell you that the death metal scene has never been better. Right now, the hip and cool thing is old school worship, but with a modern vibe. We’re past the point of ripping off Morbid Angel and being an angrier thrash metal, because now’s the time for nasty-ass riffs, vocalists that sound like they’re choking of vomit, and blast beats to make all the grind kids lose their damn mind.

200 Stab Wounds – Piles of Festering Decomposition: Bands like this are why God doesn’t talk to us anymore. 200 Stab Wounds are those guys who are just dangerous to listen to, and with only this EP under their belt from this year, you’d have thought they’d been doing this for a lot longer. In a short period of time, 200 Stab Wounds remind you who’s in charge when you’re listening to them and set your straight: this is their line of work and they’re here to do whatever they want. It’s fast and nasty, and you can only expect great things from this band in the near future.

Church of Disgust – Consumed by Slow PutrefactionABSOLUTELY NASTY. Church of Disgust aren’t the new kids on the block, but they’re finally getting the attention they deserve by larger waves of people. There’s a new album on the way, but this year’s Consumed is a brief offering that shows you how they’ve stepped it up since their second album, Veneration of Filth, which was never going to be an easy album to follow up. Are they going to? Probably. Get ready, but this band is just the right kind of sick in the head you need during this pandemic, and they’ve got the chops to back up your gut-wrenching reactions.

Undeath – Lesions of a Different Kind: This album isn’t out yet, but the singles Undeath have released are nothing short of impressive as they seem to blend some Cannibal Corpse worship with new school techniques. Of all the albums coming out this year, this one is definitely the album to keep your eye out for, because these guys are gaining momentum fucking fast. And with good reason, too: their 2019 demo was as raw as it can get, but Sentient Autolysis was everything you’d want out of a new death metal band. There’s some Incantation-isms on there that are worth checking out, so much that I’d be disappointed if I don’t get to catch these guys on tour with each other when shows start again.

Fluids – Ignorance Exalted: You like weird shit? You like throwing up? Fluids is just… ignorant and nasty. There’s really no way to describe this band as being so aware of how gore obsessed they are. With song names like “Chunked,” “Extorted,” and “Smothered,” it’s a simple way to communicate what’s going on here if the NSFW/L album art doesn’t get the message across. Even still, a nasty production and dynamic between the guitar and the bass help make a wrecking ball of an album, one that’s covered in gore from an orphanage or something weird and twisted like that.

Soul Devourment – Eternal Perdition: HELL. YES. HM-2 pedals really get me going, but when the band is actually good? It’s a match made in heaven. Soul Devourment are the tried and true death metal worshippers of this list, and they’re just the right kind of filthy that you’d expect. It’s a semi-lo-fi demo that is easily listenable and clear enough, but it hits hard and fast and without prejudice. Listen to this band, love everything they do. You can’t go wrong here, and you honestly shouldn’t think twice about spending 20 minutes of your day with this band.



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