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PsychomancerLike Death Metal? Like Death Metal you can understand, but still be brutal AF? Look no further than th enew album from Psychomancer, Inject the Worms! This slab of throwback death metal makes the blood-caked hairs on my arms shiver, so check the review after the break!

Old School death metal, like Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under, have it perfect: you have the nasty guitar riffs, technicality to shred faces off, and a vocalist (because that’s not singing. Not even Satan could lie that openly.) who doesn’t just sound like his jaw has locked up and hes being repeatedly punched in the gut. Psychomancer follows their path, giving me a grinder of an album, that I can also growl along to without destroying my throat. It’s not super flashy, but its heavy, fast, and solid as the coffins they must have risen from.

The band plays tight adn well together, with guitars ripping like the Metal Distortion pedal never went away, bass throbbing along behind, and a drummer who knows there more to life than a cymbal and a tom. The recipe is simple, and they make a blood feast out of it. Its pounding along at breakneck speed, but getting to cheer at all the scenery flashing by. Their vocalist has that whiskey voice, most likely practiced by serenading old tombs to regurgitate their tenants to feast in an unholy fashion. Its nowhere near the riff savagery of Cannibal Corpse or Six Feet Under, but it’s not a bastardized blackened death metal where they all worry about their makeup. This album, and band, is one where you go because you love metal, and you feel the need to get in the Pit. Its fast, its brutal, I am refreshed by it. In a land of ever evolving music and tastes, it’s always fun to just beat shit with a club.

Duston Bullard Bass, Vocals
Corey “Pickles” Blackstad, Drums
Brad “Bravis” Heidorn, Guitars
Curtis “Wonka” Hutchinson, Guitars (lead)

Look for Inject the Worms NOW at your local music purveyors, on the Psychomancer Bandcamp page, and at any reputable music merchant on the interblagz!

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