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Master sound manipulator/one-man industrial doom conjuror, Tristan Shone, better known as AUTHOR & PUNISHER, will wage his audio war upon Europe for an eight-date live takeover. Set to commence tomorrow in Hamburg, Germany, Shone will rumble the infrastructures of eight venues alongside Atari Teenage Riot on select dates.

Additionally, AUTHOR & PUNISHER recently unleashed a cover of Godflesh’s “Body Dome Light off of Shone’s favorite Godflesh release, Selfless. The reworked tune appears on Fathers Of Our Flesh, an uncompromising tribute to the heroes of industrial metal featuring eighty-minutes of harsh sounds and devastating perdition with additional Godflesh renditions from OvO, Gnaw, Drugs Of Faith, Eagle Twin, and more. For more info visit www.fobofileprod.com.

Sample Shone’s take on “Body Dome Light” at THIS LOCATION.

Author Punisher tour

3/27/2015 Headcrash – Hamburg, DE w/ Atari Teenage Riot
3/29/2015 Paradiso – Amsterdam, NL w/ Atari Teenage Riot
3/30/2015 Täubchenthal – Leipzig, DE w/ Atari Teenage Riot
3/31/2015 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, DE w/ Atari Teenage Riot
4/02/2015 Kleiner Donner – Hamburg, DE
4/03/2015 KB18 – Copenhagen, DK
4/05/2015 Resistanz Festival – Sheffield, UK
4/09/2015 Inkonst – Malmö, SE

Shone’s Godflesh cover comes as a precursor to his forthcoming new full-length. The as-yet-untitled long player, and first for Housecore Records, was captured at famed Nodferatu’s Lair in North Shore, Louisiana with Housecore founder Philip H. Anselmo. The record follows AUTHOR & PUNISHER‘s critically-lauded Women & Children full-length, released in 2013 via Seventh Rule Recordings. Further info to be revealed in the coming months.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER– made up of one Tristan Shone– owes much of his uniqueness to the marriage of art, tech and music. From the early stages of development up to the present there has always been the evil twin of underground metal and dark electronic to temper the straight lines from his design and engineering. With a start in hobbiest tech and robotics competitions early on, Shone found a passion for solving technical problems while at the same time being introduced to the backbone of his interest in music: Sepultura, Melvins, Neurosis, Godflesh, and Ministry, bands that served as a soundtrack and palette throughout his life. In employing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines, speakers and various devices that draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics, Shone- who boasts a BS in mechanical engineering and an MFA in visual arts- manages to replicate dejection, desperation and profound sorrow through his musical corrosion with curious poise and beauty.

All aspects of the A&P sound begin with physical movement, limbs struggling in unison to coordinate a wall of electronic rhythm and oscillation, ultimately conditioned by an organic and loose quality absent of sequencing and plastic perfection. AUTHOR & PUNISHER performances are a true amalgamation between man and mechanisms. They are direct, physical, heavy experiences that have amassed praise and intrigue from a wide array of audiences. Pitchfork styled him, “immediate but mysterious,” Stereogum described his, “chilling, unrecognizable form,” and NPR hails him as, “a thrill [who] fires on all cylinders.”

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