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Break out your flannel shirts and acid wash jeans with the knee holes (you know the ones I’m talking about) because Grunge is alive and well with Alice In Chains. It may have taken a lengthy hiatus and the death of a legendary vocalist (RIP Layne) before the band reformed but they haven’t lost their touch when it comes to live performances.
The masses of Metal fans that invaded The Borgata on March 12th were there for the purpose of supporting Jerry and the gang on the Black Gives Way To Blue North American tour and boy did we get a show. The band kicked off the evening with the opener “All Secrets Known” from the aforementioned album in their trademark style and didn’t give fans a break from that moment on. The setlist was peppered with classics like “It Ain’t Like That” to “Got Me Wrong” to “Dam That River” to fan favorites like “Again” and “We Die Young” and new hits including “Check My Brain” and “Your Decision.” The crowd, while into the band from start to finish, was extremely tame to the point where I can only recall one crowd surfer and having a 4 man “mosh pit” abruptly halted and 2 of the participants getting tossed.
Jerry, Mike, Sean and William sounded flawless all night with William and Jerry trading off vocal duties with silky transition, William stepping in with an additional guitar where appropriate and Sean and Mike keeping quality rhythm. My only complaint, if you can call it that, was that Jerry’s guitar was too high in the mix for the first song or so, but that was corrected rather quickly.
As the night soldiered on, the band hit the fans with a late 1-2 near knock-out punch of “Sickman” into “Junkhead” after the heart wrenching “Nutshell.” That 3 song series was easily the highlight of the night.
As Jerry told us of his luck of winning a few bucks at the casino, Sean took the opportunity to go on a panty raid. Yes, you read that right, a panty raid. He collected a good 5-10 pairs of undergarments from the ladies in the crowd to which he informed us he hadn’t seen a barrage of undies like that in nearly 20 years.
The night closed with the classics “Man In the Box” and “Rooster” both of which had full audience participation. Rooster was mildly sped up by William but not enough to ruin anything.
I was fortunate enough at the end of the show to grab picks from each Jerry, Mike and William. All in all, I didn’t think the Alice In Chains show I saw last September at Irving Plaza in NYC could be topped but this show came damn close.

1.All Secrets Known
2.It Ain’t Like That
4.Check My Brain
5.Them Bones
6.Dam That River
7.Rain When I Die
8.Your Decision
9.Got Me Wrong
10.We Die Young
11.A Looking In View
15.Acid Bubble
17.Man in the Box


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