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The self-titled, full-length debut from Austin, Texas-based Metalcore titans DIE AMONG HEROES is now available for streaming in its entirety via the newly-launched GeekRadio functionality of BigMusicGeek.com The CD, which was recorded at Monster Music studios in San Antonio, focuses on lyrical themes such as war, personal loss and overcoming tragedy.

‘Die Among Heroes’ Track Listing:

1. Sound Of Memory
2. In The Event That I Don’t Return
3. Perish What Ignites The Flame
4. Forgive This Murder
5. Under These Street Lights
6. With All That Has Been Lost
7. Her Warm Embrace
8. My Failing Attempts

Also, tonight (03/02/2010) make sure to tune into www.965thenoize.net at 6:00 PM EST for the Rue Morgue Metal Show, where Die Among Heroes will be kicking off tonight’s show.


“Die Among Heroes is not just a band; it’s a way of life,” says guitarist Andrew Gonzales. “It is a poetic representation of the unwavering courage it takes to stand for your beliefs at all costs; to live honorably and to always push it to the limit. It is about looking back and knowing that until death we achieved greatness or died trying.” The name has also been considered to have militant themes by some, as represented in songs like, “In The Event I Don’t Return,” which pays tribute to those fighting in wars today.

As for the music itself, Gonzales is unequivocal in his response. “The sound is powerful, aggressive and emotional. It is extremely heavy, yet rich in melodic harmonies and has the potential to grow more commercially appealing without losing its merit.”

“Our music has the ability to grab the attention of diverse audiences. People that don’t like the screaming sing along with the choruses, and your hardcore metal heads dig the heaviness. Our goal with our self-titled album was to give listeners music that would stand the test of time and rival anything in their CD collections. We didn’t want them to buy another local, mediocre demo that they were going to hear a few times and forget about,” adds bassist Dustin Young.

Finally, Die Among Heroes’ dedication to making the best music possible is rivaled only by their tireless work ethic in making sure their music reaches fans on a global level. “Currently, we handle and execute our own marketing, design, video production, finances and booking,” says Gonzales. “We are a true DIY band that works round the clock to make this all happen. Although we have been approached many times by people ‘trying to help our career’, we are holding out for the right support. For now, being in complete control is what’s most important.”


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