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“Halo Legends,” an all-new, CG and traditional anime PG-13 experience
that presents enthralling new stories from one of the world’s most
popular video game franchises, will be distributed February 16, 2010
by Warner Home Video as a Special Edition 2-disc version on DVD and
Blu-Ray™, as well as single disc DVD, On Demand and Digital Download.
“Halo Legends” is produced by 343 Industries, a part of Microsoft Game

In “The Prototype,” human marines struggling to defend a secret
weapons research facility from invading Covenant troops are finally
ordered to destroy everything rather than let the weapons and valuable
navigational data fall into the hands of the Covenant. In a desperate
but noble sacrifice, a war-torn officer dons the prototype suit of
powered armor being developed at the facility in a last-second gambit
to buy time for his soldiers to escape. The episode plays to the
strengths of Bones’ impressive ability to represent aerial and
mecha-style combat.

“The Prototype” is one of seven stories — told across eight episodic
films — within “Halo Legends,” which will receive its United States
Premiere on Wednesday, February 10 in San Francisco. Media is invited
to attend, as are a select group of lucky fans. Limited seating is
still available for this exclusive event.

Presented by IGN, in conjunction with Warner Home Video and Microsoft
Game Studios, the Halo Legends premiere will take place at the AMC
Metreon (101 4th Street, San Francisco) with media interview
availability starting at 6:30 p.m. and film screening at 8:00 p.m.

A limited number of free tickets are available for the general public.
Fans wishing to receive free tickets to the event should RSVP via
email to halolegends@ign.com.
Tickets will be distributed on a “first
come, first served” basis.

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