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Marc Rizzo once again has stepped out from his six-string tour of duty with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY to deliver his new solo project, LEGIONAIRE on Phlamencore Records. This new albums reveals a phenomenal command of the guitar that Rizzo has become known for.

LEGIONAIRE was written and recorded over a two year period, while touring worldwide with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. Having time to write this record while on the road and in between tours, Rizzo would break and get into the studio to record, then back out on the road. “I’m really excited about this record”, exclaims Rizzo. “I had a lot of time since my last record to really think about this new album. I think traveling all over the world, writing all the new material, really influenced the sound. After two U.S. solo tours in 2008, I think I really figured out what songs work well live. I’m really excited to play these new songs in front of a live audience. It’s very cool to see kids slam dancing and going off to instrumental music.”

Rizzo is touted a master musician with deep musical roots in metal, classical and flamenco guitar. His raw energy combined with the talent of a new-generation shred-master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock genre.


1. Release The Kraken

2. …..By Great Odins Beard

3. Bandidas

4. Victim In Shred

5. The Emerald Goblet

6. The Wrath Of Crom

7. Peaks And Vallies

8. Legionnaire

9. Life And Will

10. Fenestrelle Fortress

11. The Metallurgist

Marc Rizzo is one of the new breed of young guitarists in contemporary bands and has built a substantial following through his years of touring and recording with IL Nino, Soulfly and now breaking Metal History with shredding for Metal Icons Max & Iggor Cavalera in Cavalera Conspiracy.


Fri- Jan 08, 10 Clifton NJ Dingbatz

Sat- Jan 09, 10 Erie PA Sherlocks

Sun- Jan 10, 10 Lexington KY Busters

Tue- Jan 12, 10 Parkersburg WV Club Vibe

Wed- Jan 13, 10 Kent OH JB’s

Thur- Jan 14, 10 Flint MI The Machine Shop

Fri- Jan 15, 10 Dayton OH McGuffy’s

Sat- Jan 16, 10 Amelia OH Big Ed’s

Mon- Jan 18, 10 St. Louis MO Fubar

Tue- Jan 19, 10 Lincoln NE Knickerbockers

Wed- Jan 20, 10 Salina KS Blue Goat

Thur- Jan 21, 10 Kansas City MO Crosstown station

Fri- Jan 22, 10 Wichita KS Lizard Lounge

www.myspace.com/marcrizzo, www.myspace.com/cavaleraconspiracy or www.cavaleraconspiracy.com

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