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gl-38Beware My Power… Hal Jordan turns T.V. screens green.
By: Andrew Sanford

The demand and production of comic book figures taking the jump from page to screen has risen steadily over the past several years. With the success of films such as the Bryan Singer directed X-Men films, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are just a few examples of comic book films that have been successful with comic fans, movie goers and critics a-like. With film success mounting companies such as Marvel and DC have been very active in new films, with DC being just a little more animated.
Handing the reigns over to Cartoon Captain Bruce Timm, producer on most of DC’s animated outings over the better part of the last twenty years, DC has put out several animated films straight to DVD for the past several years. Superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have all gotten the DVD treatment and their stories well received. Bringing some other characters from the DC Universe to screen was bound to happen and has, with just as much success, in DC’s Green Lantern: First Flight.
First Flight makes a good choice right off the bat by not making this just another origin story. A “first day on the job” approach was taken for this film and makes for a fun compact story. This story specifically tells of Hal Jordan’s first day training as a Green Lantern and his pairing with the infamous Sinestro, said to be the greatest Green Lantern of all time. However, Sinestro’s affliction for fear leads to obvious confrontation with his new trainee.
The voice acting in the film is fantastic, bar none. Christopher Meloni of Law and Order fame lends his voice to Hal Jordan. As the wise cracking, high flying Jordan, Meloni seems right at home delivering a fun a memorable performance. Sinestro is voiced by veteran actor Victor Garber. Garber’s turn as Sinestro is one of the more chilling vocal performances in a DC Animated film to date. He finds a great strength in Sinestro’s belief in his cause and projects it with willingness as powerful as the ring he wears.

The action throughout the film is not to be sneezed at. All the ring slinging and intergalactic explosions are shown with bright, vibrant colors that seem to escape the screen with every passing space ship. The character designs add much to the film experience as well. The new looks of the Lanterns bring a new feel to classic characters and seeing Sinestro sport the suit of his future Corps. on screen is an exciting event in deed.
All in all, DC hits another home run with their Emerald Gaurdian’s first solo foray into the film media. With a live action outing for Hal Jordan currently in the works it is also likely that the quality of First Flight will get people excited to see him take to the big screen. Until then one would just have to hope that those not familiar with First Flight will want to jump on the GL wagon when it rolls along, and if not, then we’ll just hope they see First Flight.

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