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An open challenge to Skid Row: REUNITE NOW!!!!!! By Todd Matthy

It’s no secret that the reunion metal fans dream the most about is Guns N Roses. Unfortunately, since Axl and Slash can’t speak to each other without lawyers present, the odds of that happening are the odds of President Obama going Conservative. But there is another band out there whose reunion is just as anticipated as Guns N Roses, Skid Row and Sebastian Bach.

The story goes that Bach was fired from Skid Row because he got into an argument with bassist Rachel Bolan over opening up for KISS on New Years Eve in 1996. He accused Bolan of being more interested in a side project then the success of Skid Row. This accusation, combined with Sebastian’s allegedly diva like behavior, was the final straw and Bach was fired.

Since then Sebastian Bach has been successful not only as a solo act, but also as an actor, landing roles on Gilmore Girls and Jekyll and Hyde. He also filled in for Axl Rose with the new Guns N Roses for a few shows. Skid Row, on the other hand, hasn’t done anything memorable since 1996. When asked his thoughts about Skid Row in 2007, Bach only had this to say, “The Skid Row of 2007 are wrecking the name worse than can ever be wrecked.” Guitarist Scotti Hill in an interview, responded by telling Bach to “blow it out (his) ass!”

Obviously, there’s animosity between the two parties, but it’s time to bury the hatchet. Both party’s have matured since 1996, both personally and musically, holding onto a grudge from 13 years ago is childish and hurt’s not only them but their fans. Sebastian, man up and give your former band mates a call. Meet up at a restaurant, a bar, or even one of your homes, and hash things out. There is a still a growing audience for old-school metal, and what better way to influence the bands of tomorrow by reuniting, going on tour, and kicking some ass today. The amount of money you’ll make is staggering, and your fans will go wild. As Skid Row you made your dreams come true thanks to your devoted fans, now it is time to make their dream of a reunion come true. Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, both of you man up and bury the hatchet, you owe it to us, your fans.

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