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Hey there True Believers, here’s your official list of comic books, hitting the Marvel Comics app on September 8, 2010.  

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  POWERGLOVE are pleased to announce their participation in a short run of tour dates with power metal titans FIREWIND led by the young guitar sensation Gus G (OZZY OSBOURNE) and THE ABSENCE. Dates are scattered through out the northeast and Canada.  

Part sweeping soap, part mediation on the dangerous moral ramifications of artificial intelligence, the “Battlestar Galactica” phenomenon continues with this undeniably compelling look at where the real conflict between humans and the Cylons began . . . in a vibrant world remarkably like our own, “Caprica.”    

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Philly-based rockers STYGIAN are set to kick off their first full-blown US tour in support of MUSHROOMHEAD. The tour, which also features FINAL TRIGGER and KOHELETH, gets underway tomorrow (9/17/2010) at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI. Tour dates are as follows:  

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A Perfect Circle, who announced their return from hiatus last week, have announced a five-city, multi-night tour for this fall with ticket on-sales slated for this week.   Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle tickets go on-sale on Sept. 24 at 10 am pst.  Las Vegas tickets are on-sale the same day, Sept. 24, at 12 noon pst.   

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There’s not really that many bands around that you could call original. Sure, once in a while you encounter something that sounds incredibly fresh but for most of the times, it’s just the same ideas played over and over again. But then you stumble upon a band like Tapping The Vein. At first you think to yourself: “I’ve heard it all before” but after a while you realize that you’re listening to something completely new.  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Ultimate Comics Thor #1 from the red hot creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco! The origin of Ultimate Thor is finally revealed!  

Writer Paul Dini and artist Chad Hardin present a tale of family in the fifth issue of the series. Zatanna and her cousin Zachary might have their differences – and get on each other’s nerves with regularity – but if they don’t stick together, they’ll be down for the count against some of Hell’s Finest. And they’re betting the house on Zatanna’s soul. And if you know anything about Vegas, you know odds are they house wins.  

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  Metal group Black Tide have just unveiled a new song on their Official Site called “Bury Me” which will be released as a split digital single with another new song, “Honest Eyes”, on 9/21.  

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The headline very capably sums up what we’ve got here, so I won’t slow your scrolling time too much – suffice to say, this is a lovely piece of art by one of the most exciting artists out there now. Can Finch draw Batman or what?  

Kingdom Coming” concludes as Magog, the Justice Society of America and the JSA All-Stars are forced back together when all signs point to the events of KINGDOM COME coming to pass. But Magog refuses to rejoin either team and finds himself fighting for his life against his former teammates.  

The masters of musical mayhem have paired up yet again to embark on a three week tour of debauchery. Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper have returned to destroy a city near you on The Halloween Hootenanny Tour with special guests Murderdolls.   

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