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One of the key elements in BRIGHTEST DAY beyond returning characters like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, is the introduction of entire new heroes, villains and worlds as well. Just as we’ve built a bigger universe of characters around Green Lantern with Atrocitus, Larfleeze and Indigo, we’re all busy at work turning our attention on adding heroes, villains and worlds within the rest of the DC Universe.  

Going to be in or around Norman, Oklahoma tomorrow? Got a few hours free? Then why not swing by Speeding Bullet Comics? The Oklahoma store will be celebrating its 12th anniversary in a major way, by hosting the superstar writing team of the hit WAR OF THE SUPERMEN mini-series, James Robinson and Sterling Gates.  

It’s been a great week for BATMAN fans here at The Source, and we’ve got a few more things to toss your way before the week is over. How about comments from superstar artist Shane Davis, who’s the artist on the upcoming SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE original graphic novel? Take it away, Shane.  

Image Comics collects the hard-to-find origin stories of the Perhapanauts How did Big Foot, a chupacabra, the Mothman and an assortment of other people, human and fantastic alike, become part of an organization dedicated to protecting the world from the strange and terrible creatures that lurk in the dark? THE PERHAPANAUTS, VOL. 0: DARK DAYS by writer Todd Dezago and artist Craig Rousseau will answer that question on September 8, 2010.  

The King of the Seas is back – but his fight for his life isn’t over. When teenager Arthur Curry discovered that he was a creature of both land and sea – his father a human and his mother Atlantean – he took on the mantle of Aquaman, fighting bravely by the side of the Justice League and facing off an impressive collection of enemies, including the deadly Black Manta. A mysterious man obsessed with the death of Atlantis and its King. Aquaman was royalty, heroism and intelligence combined – a monarch, team leader and family man.  

Play Oomph!’s “Truth or Dare” and you’ll come out a winner no matter what.  

Image Comics’ CHEW marks the first quarter of its run with a special 15th issue CHEW is a certified hit, and to celebrate CHEW’s 15th issue, which marks the end of the first quarter of the book’s run and hits store shelves September 29, writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory are thanking fans with a slew of special features.  

When I sat down to jot down a few Batman ideas for this week, a few topics instantly rose to the top of the pile as being worthy of discussion – the character himself, my favorite Batman story and villains. See, Batman has the best villains. I can see someone making a strong case for the Flash Rogues. Heck, I love those villains as much as the next guy. But when it comes to pure, bloody psychopaths, no collection of foes can top Batman’s.  

Next on our list of amazing artists who’ve stopped by to talk Batman is Dustin Nguyen, who’s put together an impressive run on Batman, first with DETECTIVE COMICS and now on BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM. And as you can see from the piece below, not only is Dustin one of the nicest guys in comics, he’s a damn fine artist as well. Let’s see what he has to say. Take it away, Dustin:  

We’ve already gotten a glimpse at Andy Kubert’s contribution to the anniversary epic that is BATMAN #700. But why stop there? Now, we close out the day with comments from the mega-talented David Finch, who also pencils a sequence in Grant Morrison’s time-twisting tale of The Batman. What say you, David?  

Image Comics reprints THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 1 just in time for the AMC series Starting this October, you’ll be able to watch The Walking Dead on AMC. You can prepare to join The Walking Dead by picking up the new printing of THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 1 TP on September 1.  

If you picked up your copy of JONAH HEX a the comic shop today, you noticed that the issue featured an exclusive interview between JONAH HEX movie director Jimmy Hayward and the writers of the JONAH HEX comic series, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.  

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