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IDW Publishing is excited to announce that INFESTATION #1 has sold out! Setting the stage for the company’s massive INFESTATION event, IDW is rushing a second printing of this debut issue to stores.  

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Shai Hulud is currently working on their follow up to 2008’s Misanthropy Pure, but in the mean time, have scheduled a short run of headlining dates along the east coast and Midwest. Along for the ride are Close Your Eyes, Monsters, I The Breather, and Counterparts.  

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Welcoming the rebirth of Sweden ‘s LEKAMEN ILLUSIONEN KALLET (LIK), Nordvis Produktion is pleased to announce that the occult black rock project of multi-instrumentalist/composer Graav had completed work on a new masterpiece entitled The Second Wind.  

  BY The Scarlet Avenger So I just read Fantastic Four #587, and I must say…disappointed! Sheesh, Marvel is definitely getting lame on the deaths of their characters.  

Award-winning director Joe Wright creates a boldly original suspense thriller with HANNA, starring Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, Atonement) in the title role.  

The amazing and hilarious comic is making its debut as an all–new Dark Horse miniseries this spring! Comics fans and fancy news blogs aren’t the only ones to take notice of Axe Cop; now the so–called “real” police know about him, too. And if there’s one thing police don’t like, it’s a guy with an axe who’s better than they are at catching and dispatching bad guys!  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Thor #620, from the acclaimed superstar creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry! The massive battle for the World Tree reaches its boiling point as the dark gods, bent on reducing the earth to a cinder, have finally breached the mortal plane!  

  Written by Jen Van Meter and drawn by Edgar Salazar, the Red Sonja: Break the Skin one-shot is a must-read! In the story hitting comic shops this coming April, it looked like such a simple job: Zepur, a princess of the nomadic Talakma Horsemen, sought Sonja’s sword to defeat an unwelcome suitor and his army.  

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After 17 long years, the progressive metal forefathers return to the North American tour trail! ATHEIST are personally delivering the monumental sounds of the critically acclaimed new album “Jupiter” to seven lucky cities.  

  By The Scarlet Avenger So it seems all this excitement about the upcoming Avengers movie is hitting full stride. We have Captain America: The First Avenger front and center followed by Thor this year. Those two movies are the latest in the set up for next years Avengers epic. (The first being Iron Man)  

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Four of the heaviest bands of all time, share one stage for the one and only U.S. appearance, Saturday April 23rd 2011 – Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA  

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  Portland, Oregon’s Across The Sun recorded their Metal Blade Records debut album, Before The Night Takes Us, with producer Daniel Castleman at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA. The album is the culmination of seven years of recording, touring and polishing their sound.  

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