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The bizarre telekinetic known as Hector Hammond escapes his prison cell and sets his sights on one being – Larfleeze! Plus, Hal Jordan begins unlocking the secret behind who took Parallax during the Blackest Night.  

The original Captain Boomerang returns as BRIGHTEST DAY continues. Meanwhile, Barry must prove his innocence to the Renegades, cops from the 25th century. Discover what connection they have to the Rogues and what travesties have occurred in the future.  

Grant Morrison’s can’t-miss Batman story rolls on as Bruce Wayne’s next stop on his amazing journey through time brings him to the Wild West – but will he escape alive? Artist Georges Jeanty joins Morrison to take The Dark Knight on a ride.  

Lex’s quest for power – specifically, the power wielded by the Black Lantern ring — continues, as writer Paul Cornell and artist Pete Woods’ second issue ups the ante for the villainous star. Buckle in for a greatest hits tour of the DCU’s most wanted as Lex Luthor continues his epic hunt, with covers by superstar artist David Finch.  

If you’ve been by the DC booth at all during the show, you probably noticed that a few creators and DC staffers were sporting some pretty neat footgear — custom Converse shoes featuring either the Green Lantern, Superman or Batman.  

Art, Franco – your panel in Room 4 has just started! What’s in store? Art: “Aw Yeah Kids Panel!Find out whats been Rockin’ the DC Kids Universe! The cool stuff! The New stuff! and the Secret Stuff!! AND, you get to ask us questions and hear the Famous Cartoonists of the DC Universe…TALK! Join Us for this awesome EVENT! It will enhance our comic book senses!!!!”  

It’s early afternoon in lovely San Diego and we’re almost at the halfway point of the show, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we’re done making news. In fact, we’ve got two images to get your mind whirring as you head into Room 6A for the DC.  

The acclaimed writer of SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN sits down with fans for a candid discussion about his upcoming work and his career in comics, movies and television.  

After the BLACKEST NIGHT comes the BRIGHTEST DAY for not only the GREEN LANTERN corner of things, but the entire DCU. You won’t want to miss this all-encompassing GL panel, featuring Geoff Johns, Tony Bedard, Joe Prado and Ivan Reis, led by Group Editor Eddie Berganza. What can fans sitting in Room 6A expect, GLC writer Tony Bedard?  

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PUSCIFER COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK FOR BLOOD INTO WINE: SOUND INTO BLOOD INTO WINE   LOS ANGELES, July 27 –Sound Into Blood Into Wine, a twelve-song collection of Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan) tracks which accompany the critically-acclaimed documentary Blood Into Wine, has been completed and will be available Sept. 7.    Fans that experienced the live incarnation of Puscifer earlier this year will be familiar with some of the countrified versions of songs that appeared in their original incarnations on Puscifer’s debut album (V is for V****a) and C is For… EP.  This is the first time these alternate versions have been made available.   1.       Sour grapes Where’s The Line? Mix 2.       Momma... 

The 2010 Eisner Award winners were announced last night, to honor some of the best and brightest talents in comics, and DC came away with a number of honors. Highlights include two nods for DETECTIVE COMICS artist J.H. Williams III and the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE collection. Click here for a complete list of all winners, and scroll down for the list of DCU winners.  

Remember when we told you to sit tight for another BATMAN announcement? Well, here it is. As revealed on the BATMAN panel at San Diego Comic-Con, writer Grant Morrison will be helming a new, ongoing Batman series: BATMAN INC., featuring art by the ultra-talented Yanick Paquette.  

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