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Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke roll out the red carpet for the Main Man himself, Lobo, as the Last Czarnian crosses paths with Hal Jordan. Oh, and expect a few surprises, too.  

Wonder Woman is the greatest comic-book superheroine of all time, and I can prove it with math. If you need proof of Wonder Woman’s stature as the greatest comic-book superheroine of all-time, then, PLEASE, go add up all the issues of any other female character and see if you come close to SIX HUNDRED.  

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Judgment Day is here!. This summer’s most extreme carnival of death metal starts tonight, July 2, 2010 in Portland, OR. Featuring Ibex Moon Records artists GRAVEHILL, CARDIAC ARREST and HOD (with FATALIST appearing on select dates), The Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour gets underway at Plan B in Portland, OR.  

    “Wonder Woman was my first introduction to superheroes and, later, my first introduction to comics books. She’s always been a presence in my life and was very much the reason for my choosing comics as a career. Working on Wonder Woman over the last few months with Gail Simone and Greg Rucka has been an absolute highlight for me and I feel extremely privileged to be contributing to her landmark issue.  

“Did you bring your Lasso of Truth?” people ask me, and I have to laugh. But it’s true—Wonder Woman accessorizes. She is, after all, a very savvy woman. But as we all know, form follows function. Everything she wears has a purpose: Her golden bracelets deflect bullets, her Venus Girdle endows her with superhuman strength, her tiara boomerangs and her lasso holds others to the truth that she, herself, lives by. And that’s just what we can see. Wonder Woman’s intellect is her real power. She’s honest and disarming, and she kicks butt.  

Few artists are as synonymous with the character of Wonder Woman as Phil Jimenez, who who guided the character as both writer and artist during a celebrated run on the WONDER WOMAN title not long ago. What does Phil have to show us when it comes to celebrating WW’s birthday? Here you go.  

We promised big things the last few weeks, both with BATMAN #700 and SUPERMAN #700 – and we’d like to think we’ve delivered. And this week is no different, as we’ve got a big celebration of the Amazon Princess all this week.  

“Superboy had plenty to do during LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON and WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, and of course now he’s back with the TEEN TITANS, but he still doesn’t have a book to call his own. Well, that all changes this fall.  

    I just remember how much it hurt. Superman was dead. I remember my dad explaining to me that these things happen, and nothing we say or do can stop them. I remember telling a kid in my Scout troop the news and watching tears well in his eyes. I remember wearing a black armband with a red s-shield on it to school. I remember being sad. Superman was dead. He’d saved us all.  

Is there any doubt that Superman is the preeminent hero in comics? No other character embodies the combination of power, grace, presence, command and majesty of Superman.  

“It’s been a hard year for SUPERGIRL. The WAR OF THE SUPERMEN resulted in the tragic loss of New Krypton, thousands of Kryptonian lives, Supergirl’s mother, Alura, and her best friend, Thara Ak-Var (a.k.a. FLAMEBIRD). For the next story arc, Supergirl will be wrestling with guilt over her own perceived culpability in New Krypton’s destruction.  

We’ve put the spotlight squarely on the Man of Steel this week, and deservedly so – 700 issues is nothing to scoff at. We’ve had an all-star cast of creators swinging by this here blog to chime in on Superman, from quick asides to lengthy walks down memory lane. Next up is artist Bernard Chang, who teams with writer James Robinson to present the first story in SUPERMAN #700 – a touching tale of reunion and regret. What does he have to say about the issue? Let’s find out. Take it away, Bernard:  

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