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Today is a special day for all DC readers! Starting today, YOU can play a critical role in determining the future of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. By going to LegionElection.com, you can vote for who should be the Legion leader! LEGION’s esteemed writer Paul Levitz revives the traditional fan poll to elect the Legion’s leader—just as the Legionnaires themselves vote within the series. But it is the fan’s vote that counts, and not, say, Dawnstar’s (sorry, Dawny). Legion elections energize and empower readers in that they can directly participate in the direction of the series, and who knows, it might pique the interest of folks not yet reading the series. Where else can readers have direct interaction like this?  

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Spain’s UNCONSECRATED rise from the grave to deliver a brand new 7″ vinyl EP courtesy of Dark Descent Records.  Slave to the Grave delivers four original tracks of bludgeoning, skull-fracturing death metal with a thundering guitar tone and gut-ripping vocals reminiscent of the Swedish death metal glory days!  

It’s that time again – where we preview a few key variants for your viewing pleasure. What do we have this time? How about T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS #1, by Darwyn Cooke? A SUPERMAN #705 cover by BATMAN INCORPORATED artist Yanick Paquette? And, to close out, we’ve got another lovely JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST variant by Cliff Chiang (#13, to be exact) and GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #4 by Felipe Massafera. Enjoy.  

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Britain’s world-renowned extreme heavy metal act, Cradle Of Filth, has announced dates for the band’s first North American tour since 2009, a headlining run on the “FEARnet and Decibel Presents: Creatures From The Black Abyss Tour”, set to kick off in February.  Nachtmystium, Turisas, and Daniel Lioneye will round out the tour’s impressive package on Cradle Of Filth’s long-awaited return to North American shores.  

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How about a hot shot of Death/Thrash metal? Profondo Rozzo from Italy’s SUBHUMAN has absolutely stunned the critics and left fans hungering for more, not to mention taking out a few innocent bystanders in the process.  With machine-gun like precision, SUBHUMAN hit the mark with nine songs of intense Death/Thrash Metal insanity with the release of Profondo Rozzo on Maple Metal Records.  

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Not many bands can boast such accomplishments as Primal Fear can. In over twelve years, the group managed to release eight LPs and become one of the most important members of the contemporary power metal scene. This year, Metal Mind Productions is proud to bring back four classic Primal Fear albums – the self-titled debut (1998), “Jaws of Death” (1999), “Nuclear Fire” (2001) and “Devil’s Ground” (2004) – each of them proving that true metal is still alive and kicking!  

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Detroit’s impending technical death metal juggernaut, As They Sleep, has posted a video blog update on their official MySpace and Facebook pages, as they gear up for the release of their Solid State Records debut, Dynasty, next month.   

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How do you continue to celebrate the life of one of heavy metal’s true legends? You call on those who had the most admiration and respect to gather in one place and do what they do best to pay homage – which includes fellow musicians and fans alike. On October 29th at the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA,  

Marvel is pleased to present your new look at Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513, from best-selling author David Liss and the acclaimed artist Francesco Francavilla! The smoke has cleared from the ruins of Shadowland and a new protector of Hell’s Kitchen is on the prowl. His name is T’Challa, the Black Panther!  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-Men #5, from the red-hot creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina! The legion of the undead has finally been set loose on the island nation of Utopia! With former X-Men member Wolverine leading the vampire attack, Cyclops will have to rethink his strategy if the mutants are to survive until sunrise. To make matters worse, the newly resurrected Dracula has disappeared. Beware the Curse of the Mutants in X-Men #5!  

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Chaos War #3 (of 5), from the New York Times bestselling writing team of Greg and Fred Van Lente and artist Khoi Pham! All good things must come to end, even the Marvel Universe! The Chaos King has attacked the Earth with his undead army of resurrected super-beings and leading the charge is none other than Ares, God of War! Does Hercules stand a chance against his own half-brother?  

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The 10th Annual MHK Metalfest is set to kick off next Thursday, October 28th in Manhattan, KS.  The 3-day event will take place at two separate venues; Thursday’s show happening at Mel’s Tavern with the Friday and Saturday shows taking place at the Wareham Opera House, both located within a block of each other.  

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