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Metal guitarist Jon Donais of the chart-topping metal band Shadows Fall will be featured in the sixth issue of the Eternal Descent comic book series slated for release later this year. The issue features a storyline inspired by “Embrace Annihilation”, a track from the band’s “Retribution” album. Jon sides with chaos, joining the nefarious Loki as a fathful servant of the damned. An allegiance with dire consequences, Lyra and Sirian must fight for survival, as the ground trembles and shadows fall.  

SNAIL GAMES USA today announced the “Vox Populi” contest for Ministry of War, the upcoming free-to-play MMORTS. The contest gives the community an opportunity to submit a quote that will be spoken by one of the villagers in the game. Quotes can be anything from a simple shout-out, to advice, to words of encouragement (or discouragement, as the case may be).  Only obscenities or griefing are off limits. The winning entry will appear in the final version of the game, along with the winner’s name.  

The End Records announces the launch of a new editorial website featuring staff-written reviews of demos sent to the label. The site, underground.theendrecords.com launches today with album reviews, links, photos, and song previews of seven bands, and will be updated weekly with new reviews.  

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The Swedish metal scene is known for many great bands, some of which became true legends of the genre. The Duskfall is yet another fine example of Scandinavian domination – their brutal, yet melodic sound captures all the most prominent features of modern metal music.  

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YORKSHIRE, UK – 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the UK doom titan, My Dying Bride.  To commemorate two decades of doom and gloom, the band embarked upon a project to re-work familiar melodies and themes from My Dying Bride’s extensive catalogue into long, flowing symphonic compositions, including new vocals and passages from vocalist, Aaron Stainthorpe.  These arrangements have been brought to life, in cooperation with keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling (of Bal Sagoth fame), and will be released as Evinta this fall on Peaceville Records.   

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Burbank, CA – “Nightmare,” the current single from Southern California’s Avenged Sevenfold, has climbed to No. 1 at Active Rock Radio in the U.S. this week, marking the first time the band has achieved Number 1 in radio airplay.  It has enjoyed airplay at Active Rock, Mainstream, and Modern Rock radio stations across the country and was the No. 1 Rock Song on iTunes in the U.S. and the U.K. in its debut week.  

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Riot Fest announces the largest  festival yet, set for October 6-10, 2010 in Chicago. Known for its punk rock, founder Riot Mike has broadened the fest to include just about every sub-genre, including hardcore, metal and everything in between.  Heavy bands confirmed this year are Corrosion of Conformity (playing in their original power-trio line-up for the first time in 20-odd years), High on Fire, Torche, Kylesa, Righteous Fool, Articles of Faith  

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    Band Celebrates Album Release by Visiting Los Angeles Mission Food Bank with WhyHunger   “Kick in the Teeth” Top 10 at Active Rock and Moves to #19 at Alternative  

Not long ago, we broke the news that Nick Spencer and artist CAFU would be relaunching the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS in November – along with a lovely cover by superstar artist Frank Quitely. But why stop there? Editor Wil Moss was kind enough to not only shoot over some lovely CAFU character designs, but he also kept me on the phone for a few minutes to talk up just what you guys are looking at. So, what’s the score, Wil?  

It seems like just yesterday that I was flying back from San Diego Comic-Con and now here we are and it’s time for the next stop on the 2010 DC Nation tour – Fan Expo Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada from August 27-29. Actually it was just yesterday that I flew back from San Diego, but thanks to the magic of comics you’re reading this weeks from when I write it. I’m jealous because when you read this it’s almost football season and you’ve seen a certain action movie that hasn’t come out yet as I’m writing this. I’m also hungry and I’m assuming that when you read this I’ll have eaten something. I’m really looking forward to the future—one month from now. Huh?... 

Writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi continue to turn up the pressure on our heroes, as the Hawks face separate danger in Hawkworld. Who is Queen Shrike? And Miss Martian aids the Martian Manhunter in making a startling discovery. All this while more clues surrounding the mysterious White Lantern are hinted at. Plus, where’d Deadman and Dove go?  

  Batman’s investigation into the murders of Dark Knight villains past and present leads him to old associates of Bruce Wayne…some of whom aren’t so happy to see him. While the mysterious killer picks his next target, the rift between Terry and Bruce widens.  

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