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Beasts of Burden The bow-wows of Burden Hill, those slobbering’ investigators of the supernatural, were recently named one of the top ten comics of the year over at Publisher’s Weekly. “Gorgeous artwork and a smart, witty script elevate this tale of household pets who unite to fight occult menaces in idyllic Burden Hill.” It’s true, every dog has his day.  

The “Grounded” storyline continues right here as Superman visits Mt. Prospect – a suburb just southeast of Chicago. In this issue, Superman discovers that there is a darkness even more immense than outer space… One buried deep inside the human heart.  

So much going on in this issue – and all of it makes it impossible to put down. Here’s a sampling: Hal Jordan on watch? The Flash and Green Lantern not seeing eye-to-eye? Oh, and did you really think you’d seen the last of him?  

Deadman heads to Gotham to finally purge himself of the troublesome White Lantern ring – but is that really what the White Ring wants?  

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Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the landmark anniversary issue, Invincible Iron Man #500! From the Eisner Award winning creative team of writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca– along with special guest-artists Kano, Nathan Fox and Carmine Di Giandiomenico–  

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The first week US sales numbers are in for Cradle Of Filth’s highly anticipated ninth studio album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa.  The infamous extreme metal group entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #99, selling nearly 6,000 copies in its first week.  The November 9th, Nuclear Blast Records release also debuted at #10 on the Independent chart and #7 on Hard Music.   

Barry Allen is bound and brought before the Court of Temporal Justice for a crime he didn’t know he could commit – but is he guilty, or has one of the Renegades from the distant future gone rogue?  

In addition to being a comic fan, I’m also a sports and music nerd. And like any fan, my imagination tends to wander. What if singer X played with guitarist Z? What if QB so-and-so had WR what’s-his-name to throw to? Would they have made one great, epic album? Would they have won the Super Bowl? The same kind of logic applies to comics. What if this writer worked with that artist on character X for an issue?  

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Canadian death metal band MASSIVE SLAVERY will have the honour of introducing the concept of ‘true authentic double bass drumming’ for The Rock Band Video Game via their song “Humanity’s Last Hope”.  

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  Due for release on Dec. 1, former Metal Maniacs editor Jeff Wagner’s highly anticipated ‘MEAN DEVIATION: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal’ (Bazillion Points Books) has already garnered  staggering advance praise from some of the most respected figures in the progressive metal sphere.  

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DIABOLIC have issued the following statement, following their appearance at Goregrowler’s Ball IV: “DIABOLIC original member, Bassist/Vocalist Paul Ouellette has been ousted from the band, due to his drunken and unprofessional behavior, and walking offstage mid-song during the band’s recent performance Fri, Nov 12 at Goregrowler’s Ball IV in San Antonio, TX.   

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Conceived in summer 2008 by former ABORTED members Daniel Wilding (drums) and B.S.T. (vocals), THE ORDER OF APOLLYON took on the role of the Celebrant of the Word of the Lord. The project is more than a simple extreme metal band; it is a musical covenant. The message is profoundly religious and adheres to strict paramilitary imagery while the music draws from elements of the ambient martial scene.  

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